Snoop Escapes Jail Time For Possesion

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Snoop Dogg entered a plea of no contest to felony gun and marijuana-possession charges on Wednesday (April 11) in Pasadena, California, agreeing to probation and community service but avoiding what could have been years-long prison sentence.

The 35-year-old rapper, who appeared in court claded in a fur-collared black leather jacket, T-shirt and sequined jeans, has agreed to five years' probation and 800 hours of community service given by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge, Terry Smerling, as sentence, apparently succeeded in escaping himself from landing behind prison bars.

The hip-hop artist, born Cordozar Calvin Broadus Jr., faced charges of gun possession by a felon and sale or transportation of marijuana.

He was arrested at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California, at 3:45 p.m. on Oct. 26 on suspicion of transporting marijuana. Police later found a gun at his home. That time, airport police officers stopped Snoop Dogg at a loading zone for a vehicle code violation. When officers searched the vehicle they found a gun and marijuana.

He could have faced up to four years in prison, if convicted at trial. The rapper instead pleaded no contest to charges, apparently as part of an agreement with prosecutors.

In Wednesday ruling, Superior Court Judge placed conditions on the probation, including that only 400 hours of the community service could involve Snoop's well-known youth American Football league.

The judge also adjudged that rap-star could not involve any gang members in his entourage and must notify the probation authority before leaving the state. The rapper must also provide authorities a DNA sample and he must have a medical permit if he uses marijuana. Snoop may face three years in state prison if violates probation.

He has made his image glossy in recent years by appearing in mainstream movies and by starting a youth football league.

Defense attorney Donald Etra said outside the court that Snoop Dogg smokes marijuana because he has migraines and has a medical permit under state law. Snoop Dogg's security staff, drivers and entourage do not include gang members, Etra clarified.

Snoop Dogg has a history of law violations. In April 2006, Snoop and five other men were nabbed on charges of violent disorder and starting a brawl. The trouble popped up when some in his troupe were denied entry to British Airways' first class lounge at Heathrow Airport. Consequently, they spent the night in jail.

In October last year, the rapper was arrested at Burbank Airport after the police found a gun and marijuana in his car. He was booked and later released on bail set at $35, 000.

A month later, in November, he was arrested near Los Angeles on weapons and narcotics charges. He was booked for keeping the marijuana, ******* and a firearm in his car. He later was released on a bail amount of $60, 000.

In the same month, he was charged for attempting to carry a deadly weapon, a collapsible police baton, placed in his computer bag, onto a plane at John Wayne Airport in Orange County in September.

Earlier last month Snoop was arrested in Sweden on suspicion of minor drug offenses, however later he was released, pending the results of drug tests.

Last month, the British authority denied Visa to him because as per the British Home Office rules, foreign citizens can be barred from entering the country if there were concerns about their presence, such as possession of weapons and/or drugs. Snoop Dogg was previously barred from entering Britain in May 2006.

Born on October 20th, 1972 in Long Beach and nicknamed Snoop due to his resemblance to Peanuts' top canine, Snoop Dogg was a teenage gang member and drug dealer before coming into limelight. His troubled teen years culminated in a drug conviction after high school. He has three children, Corde, Cordell, and Cori, with his wife Shante Broadusis.


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Oh, to only be rich and famous.... your ass or mine would have been sentenced to at least a year.


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Gee, let me note that in my diary.:rolleyes3


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The probation isnt so bad considering smokin dank is not a probation violation for him. That was always my prob when I was on probation. He got off lucky...real damn lucky.


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"and he must have a medical permit if he uses marijuana"

someone dropped the ball if they didnt remind him to look into this lol he should get a new manager.

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On top of his problems in the US, Snoop was denied access to Australia to host the MTV awards, after his visa was cancelled following his convictions.
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