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Snoop429 Super Awesome 420 Soilless - Big Bang Auto - Mars 900W - Virgin Grow


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Hello 420,

Welcome to my first journal. I'm glad to have anyone join in and enjoy this journey. There are a few things I plan in accomplishing over the next 8-9 weeks. Completing this grow journal is one of them so enjoy the ride.

-Make it to the end of this grow in one piece
-Learn the basics that I can build on and
-Have fun and not stress myself out to much

This is the first time growing indoors start to finish and am excited to be gardening during the winter months.

Strain: Big Bang Auto from Green House Seed Company
10% Sativa, 80% Indica, 10% Ruderalis

Stage: Seeds are germination

Medium:Indoor Soil less mix
80% Pro Mix, 20% Vermiculite with some Mycorrhizal added to the mix

Light:Mars 2 900W in a 4x4 tent

Nutrients: General Organics

Thanks for following along! :peace:


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My light came in the mail the other day and have gotten the tent (Secret Jardin DS120) set up. I still need to pick up a Day/Night Fan Control (http://www.grozonecontrol.com/TV1_en.html) The other day I stopped by my local garden center and they didn't think I should purchase the control because they thought I might be disappoint with it. To say the least I was surprised by there reaction. His reasoning was they don't operate well with fans under 8"( I have a 6" Can-Fan) They recommended that I just run my fan full tilt 24h/day. I don't see myself doing that. Even with the fan running at 50% I would be doing an air change every 30 sec. Its also louder then I expected and don't want to listen to it running all the time.

The light has been running for about 14 hours and the current temp is 21.7c with RH at 20%. I do have concerns that it wont be warm enough in the tent after I get my plants in there. IF needed I was thinking of running my electric space heater on low near the intake to increase the temp. The normal temp of the room ranges from 17.5-20C with a RH of 20-30%.

After the seeds germinate will I be able to start them under the LED right away or should I have them under a T5 for a few days. I would set the light at least 30" above them to start?

With the passive intake I was going to add a 6" ducting for a few feet to hopefully stop any light form getting in the hole. What do people usually do with the screen on the side of the tent? Do I cover it over so light wont get in or leave it open for more air flow?

Happy Holidays :peace:


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Not much happening yet. I was away for a few days over the holidays and had to make a decision on the best course of action. I stopped in to check on the seeds germinating in paper towel. 1 of the seeds had a tap root started and had to either leave the seeds as is for another 48 hours or plant them. I ended up planting them in cups and put them in the tent with a dome over them. I left the light on the timer and set it about 3.5' above the plants. I was worried that they might not be able handle the light at such a young age. Turns out when I got back on boxing day nothing has broken the soil. Worried that maybe the light caused an issue I have disconnected it for now.

Just checked on them again and still nothing. The temp is only 18.1 c. Should I just leave the light off till they start to break through or turn it on again to make it a little warmer in there? Will wait and see what happens but started to germinate some bag seeds just in case. Probably just getting a little excited/nervous.


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Don't worry to much it can take some day to see something.

As long as you don't had damaged that taproot and don't put it to deep it should do it´s thing.

I just soak my seeds in water and put them 1/2" in the medium or wait until I see them crack and put it in.
Just as I see no need to deal with that taproot and damage it.
If I put them just in after 6-12hrs I keep my soil a bit wet if cracked just moist.
Then I takes 1 -3 days most of the time.

I would use the T5 @ 1-2" until first set of 3 finger leaf then put it under that Mars II at 30" and not under the centre.
Have a look how they respond to the light for some days then lower the light to 25".... I would not go under ~ 12-18" at the end.
Just look at your plants for bleaching or curling leafs to adjust, in flower they can take more light.
Set your timer from 16/8 to 20/4 with T5 and Mars I do 16/8 with Autos but you will read any time from 12/12 to 24/0 in the net.

Don't water to much that little it can take 5-7 days until next watering and don't give nutes for the first week at least.
Then start with 1/4 strength, I don't go over 3/4 with Autos and with any LED grow have some Cal-Mag available.
If you see some disease with yellow and lighter green give about 3-5ml/gal Cal-Mag.

Try to get temps at 22-25°C at day and 5° colder at night and humidity about 50%, if you see buds 40%.
Some just hang a towel in a pot with water.

Hope that helps for the start.


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Thanks Darkgrow for the tips.

I still haven't had any seeds break through yet. Fingers crossed that something will still happen. Ive germinated lots of seeds in the past without much issue. Oh well. Hope to see a tap root on the bag seeds within a day or 2. I could put the autos on the heat pad to see if that helps, cant see it hurting.

John C

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Subscribed. Cannabis is a type of plant whose male to female germination rate is partially controlled by temperature, I would not use a heat mat when germinating cannabis seeds.

When I germinate seeds I use a matchbox lined with about 320 sandpaper to shake the seeds in for a minute, it scrapes the sides of the seeds to aid in moisture penetrating the seeds shell.

After having germination issue with Jiffy peat moss pucks and soil I switched to Rapid Rooters and have had much higher germination rates. Rapid Rooters seem to provide the seed with the perfect amount of air and moisture. I soak my seeds in pH adjusted water for 30-36 hours or until i see tap roots. I cut the Rapid Rooter mat into individual squares then I soak the Rapid Rooter squares in pH adjusted water for 15 minutes before use. Then I place the seeds tap root down into the Rapid Rooter square then place them underneath a light with 18/6 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. I do not use a humidity dome. I hand water with a syringe each day to keep the Rapid Rooter square moist. when I see roots emerge from the Rapid Rooter square I transplant to 5" pots in a mixture of peat moss, perlite, vermiculite and mycorrhizae.

http://generalhydroponics.com Rapid Rooter

http://www.perfectgardens.com gh rapid rooter mat 98

I have used a Phresh Filter 6in x 24in 550CFM carbon filter, Vortex Inline Fan 6 inch 452CFM controlled by a Titan Controls Mercury 3 - Day/Night Fan Controller supplied by PerfectGardens.com. The Titan Controls Mercury 3 - Day/Night Fan Controller worked very well to regulate the temperature in my grow area in vegetative growth and in flower. I dealt with high seasonal humidity at times during flower and had the Titan Controls Mercury 3 - Day/Night Fan Controller set to minimum so the fan would only run constantly during darkness to reduce any humidity buildup from transpiration while having the daytime temperature set to 80° Fahrenheit. This allowed me to keep my plants in peek growth ranges during both vegetative growth and flower.

TITAN CONTROLS - Mercury 3 - Day/Night fan speed controller for use in indoor garden, hydroponic and greenhouse- Titan Controls | Environmental, Lighting, Timing, Power, Ventilation & CO2 Controllers for use in indoor garden, hydroponic and greenhous

Titan Controls® Mercury 3 - Day/Night Fan Controller - Perfect Gardens


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Hello KingJohn,

-I will try your method of germination after I pick up a Rapid Rooter mat.
-When you mention using Ph adjusted water are you looking for a 6.5-7?
-You had posted some great information for me on my intro page and I looked at ordering the Titian Mercury 3 but was unable to locate locally and "was out of shipping range" when I tried to purchase online. I picked up a Grozone TV1 and installed it today. I noticed that the "day, high temp" didn't reach 80f so the fan wasn't running that much. Would you recommend running it a little bit of a lower setting so there is more airflow?
-I did notice with the fan on and the tent screen covered the negative pressure was crazy. During flowering im guessing I will need to have that screen covered to stop light form getting in during the dark period. But with it closed I will have equal exhaust air and passive intake (6") any suggestions on how to deal with this.

Some good news one of my bag seeds sprouted today and hope to have a plant to take care of soon.

Thank you, :peace:


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Re: Snoop429 Super Awwsome 420 Soilless - Bag Seed - Mars 900W - Virgin Grow

I have given up on the Big Band Auto. I started digging in the pots to check the seeds the other day. There were some tap roots but they were probably too deep in the soil. I was very careful when doing this and covered them back over with just a little bit of soil. Still nothing so Im assuming that there dead. Lesson learned.

The bag seeds that I have are very old. Maybe 5-10 years. I did have some luck with them this summer in the greenhouse and was able to get one to germinate. Yeah! Ill be changing the name of this grow and will keep it going. Any experience is good experience. Not much to look at but will post a picture soon.


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Took a trip to the store today to grab some supplies. Picked up some Ph down, Ph liquid test, "Root Shooters" by Jiffy for starting seeds. I was hoping the would have the Rapid Rooter Mat but they did not. I will go back out tomorrow and check a few other stores but didnt want to leave empty handed. I also grabbed a few more pots and labels that were marked down.

Now that I have some Ph corrected water I will be trying to germinate more bag seeds. When things go well I'll be placing them in the cubes on Saturday.


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I planted the 20 seeds that I had soaking for the last 46 hours in Ph adjusted water in the jiffy tray. I wasn't able to get the Rapid Rooter as i had hoped. None of the seeds were showing a tap root but did look like some would have split by morning. I also watered my one and only plant.

I picked up a 6" hose for my intake and a thin allergy filter for the end. I figured with a hose running a few feet away front the tent this would stop the light from getting in the hole and the filter to help keep out any bugs that might show up.

Ive read a few journals in the last couple days and will probably try a few different growing methods to see what I like.

-promix with added perlite, vermiculite and mycorrhizae General Organics for nutrients
-promix with added perlite, vermiculite and mycorrhizae Time Release Nutrients w/micro
-Hempy Time Release Nutrients w/micro and General Organics
-Flux (Looks interesting) Not Sure Yet

I was originally going to keep everything the same but I have no idea what strain or strains Im trying to germinate right now or how many plants I'll end up with. If I try a couple different ideas then I might have a better idea on what works for me. If you had told me a few days ago about growing Hempy or Flux style I wouldnt of had a clew what your talking about and experience is a great teacher.

Temps have been around 25c/18 in the tent. The fan isn't running all the time with the lights on but hopefully often enough so i don't have problems.

John C

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Here is my soiless mixture

I use peat moss, perlite, vermiculite and mycorrhizae and bacteria for my plants. I would mix your soiless mixture in a ratio of 60% peat moss, 20% perlite and 20% vermiculite. If you can get Pro-Mix HP you would only need to add 20% vermiculite and mycorrhizae. Vermiculite acts as a catalyst between nutrients and the plants roots as well as retaining moisture.

PRO-MIX HP Mycorrhizae - High porosity peat-based growing medium

http://www.hydro-organics.com earth juice rooters mycorrhizae

Pro-Mix HP has 1 species of mycorrhizae added, I add 10 others species of mycorrhizae and more of the strain already contained in Pro-Mix HP. When I transplant my plants to larger size pots I use 1 teaspoon per 1 gallon size pot and 2-3 teaspoons per 3 gallon size pot of additional mycorrhizae granules.

I use General Hydroponics Flora series 3 part nutrients that can be mixed for all stages of vegetative growth and flowering. General Hydroponics Flora series can be used with hydroponic, soil and soiless mediums.

(click the photographs for direct links to the products)

http://generalhydroponics.com nutrients flora series

http://www.growitbest.com general hydroponics Flora series performance pack

You want pH 5.8 for hydroponic and soiless (peat moss and coco coir) and pH 6.5 for soil.

Here is a nutrient availability chart

Here is a cannabis leaf deficiency chart

here is the Cannabis Plant and Pest Problem Solver and the Plant Abuse Chart



Light Addict has said that I am the originator of the Fluxing technique. I have a much different understanding of defoliation applied at the proper time line to enhance vegetative growth and flowering. You can see examples of how I defoliate and train my plants in my Grow Journals and Reviews. I would defoliate in vegetative growth 10-14 days before flowering to remove excess fan leaves and open more light to branches and nodes that become bud sites and colas. I defoliate in vegetative growth by removing any fan leaves that are excessively shading the branches and nodes to encourage the nodes to grow larger and produce more colas. I use Low Stress Training to tie the branches of my plants to the outer edge of the rim of the pots and each branch becomes its own bud site and cola. When I defoliate in preparation for flower I leave no more then 4 fan leaves at each growing top and remove the majority of the fan leaves, any fan leaf that shades a top and lower growth, this is a perfect time to select cuttings to root as clones from the plants you are about to place into flower. I defoliate in flower at days 21-25 of flower when the stretch phase has ended by removing lower growth that will not produce anything except for popcorn bud and any fan leaf that shades a bud site and again if required at day 45.





There is a good example of how I defoliate in this Grow Journal and Review



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Thanks for the reading KingJohn.

I find the idea of the Flux very interesting. Being able to trim and tie down a plant to grow in the way that we want sounds like an fun project. My seeds dried out in the Jiffy peat plugs over night. Hopefully this wont affect them too badly. They got a watering this morning but don't think they will make it through the night without drying out again. I will water them again shortly. I ordered the Rapid Rooter today so I will have for the next time.


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Thanks for the reading KingJohn.

I find the idea of the Flux very interesting. Being able to trim and tie down a plant to grow in the way that we want sounds like an fun project. My seeds dried out in the Jiffy peat plugs over night. Hopefully this wont affect them too badly. They got a watering this morning but don't think they will make it through the night without drying out again. I will water them again shortly. I ordered the Rapid Rooter today so I will have for the next time.

if u start ur seeds in a seed starter or whatnot,i use a little plastic cup and take plastic wrap put over the cup,take rubber band and seal it around the cup poke a few small holes/small puncture put it under ur germination light it will create a greenhouse effect help u to keep it moisturized without overwaterng,or u can put them all cups/small pots in one big container and do the same with plastic when they germ take plastic off the 1/or take it out if u have it in 1 large container put under ur flourescent etc. for germ till they can b moved to stronger veg light/flowering light


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if u start ur seeds in a seed starter or whatnot,i use a little plastic cup and take plastic wrap put over the cup,take rubber band and seal it around the cup poke a few small holes/small puncture put it under ur germination light it will create a greenhouse effect help u to keep it moisturized without overwaterng

Thanks for the tip Superskunk. I was thinking of putting a cover over them but as per KJC advice I left it off for now (He doesnt cover) I also added a Humidifier to the tent so Im thinking that should also help.


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At 4pm today (lights On) I watered the peat plugs. Ph adjusted, I put the tray in the water to soak up from the bottom. The tops were dry with a little moisture in the bottom half before watering.

The picture below is day 6 for my one and only. Lets call it bag #1. Still a little damp to touch so no water today. You might be able to see a little green growth on the soil. This appeared after the last watering. I added a 6" fan to the tent for more air flow (not blowing directly on Bag#1) Im also going to trim down the side of the cup to get a little more air by the soil. I was thinking of adding some fertilizer to the next watering. General Organics seedling dose.

I put a humidifier in the tent today. Its set at 50% and should turn on and off to keep RH at that level. I checked it around 5 and its still at 20%. Turned the fan up on the unit and will check again shortly. The package was a little misleading. The dial looks as if you can set a increments of 3% put actually sets at 10%. I have 30 days to take it back if it doesn't do the trick.
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