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So confused: got some Cal & Mag issues and soil pH is running high


just use tap water and stop tinkering with everything.
dont even use nutes until you can go one wholegrow start to finish on tap water.
thats my next goal
That’s what I did last year.... tap water and miracle grow bloom. Stopped miracle grow in flower and used blackstrap molasses up until two weeks before harvest.

My yield was insane!!! For a first timer anyways. Yielded about 6 pounds on 4 plants.


Hi DaveL, and thank you for the good catch. Yes, Promix is indeed a horse of a different color.
From their pdf:
High perlite content, peat-perlite based growing medium Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss (65-75%)
pH Incubated:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . < 6.2

So yes, if he is growing in this then this is NOT soil. This is a specially designed grow medium intended to have a base pH of 6.2 This means that hydro rules apply, and any pH between 5.5-6.1 is valid, the center being 5.8, but the sweet spot being just a tad lower than that.

So, Hambone, first... are you a ham operator? I am, so I am curious. Second, forget everything I said about 6.3 pH being your sweetspot. Thanks to DaveL, we now have a very good explanation as to why your runoff ran so clear, and why there are folks advising you to pay attention to runoff. I went on and on about SOIL, not ProMix. Sorry for the confusion, but you are not in soil, and adding anything to the Promix to try to adjust it is ill advised. Follow DaveL's advice, or anyone else on here with a grow similar to yours, but my advice sadly has mostly to do with organic soil grows.
Sorry for the delayed response. Been a busy summer and a great summer. Enjoying lots of time away etc....i’ve Stopped messing with pH, since you last spanked my knuckles. Lol I actually dig them all out since you recommended recharge. I put super soil in the bottom of the wholes and HP MYC. As top dressing with a few amendments.

As for the ham operator question. I don’t even know what that is. Lmao but NO. I DO NOT work with HAM. it’s a nickname I took on since I was 13. One, because of my last name and there’s a few other which I will not share on here (wrong audience) back from my rockstar days. :smokin2:
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