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So, I get bored

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I don't normally write poetry, mostly because I ahve a hard time keeping the beat and syllable count straight. But sometimes I pull one off. I wrote this on the spot, actually a few minutes ago to be precise.

Electric signs buzzing my brain,
Things going too fast to care for,
The rentacop with matching stick,
Even the Doctor does not know.

I see you walking to my car,
Tapping on my window like hell.
You say "come out here right now son.
I just wanna speak to you please."

I knew you were stroking your piece.
I the marrionette complied,
Allowing you to pull my strings.
"But what is this bag doing here?"

Should I stay or should I just go,
Leave the broadway musical show.
Or should I be cracked wide open,
Should I feel happy to be smashed?

You take me to your robot farm,
You plug me in like a machine,
You zap me with your feel good blues,
Then, "Goodbye we'll be seeing you."

I walk down the street feeling sane,
My two eyes are plus a rose tint.
I'm the wind up doll marching straight,
With a twisted smile on my face.

The faces on the crowded street,
The sounds of people laughing hard,
The world that spun a little fast,
But all within me is broken.


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That is sweet man.

EDIT: hahaha man I am such a liar... I didnt even read your poem... im Sorry... im too stoned to read that much... haha its makin me laugh though becuase im so stupid... sorry though
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