So I have a bit of a mystery on my hands


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All right so I start my second grow about three weeks ago., White widow auto flower. Unlike my last girl, which was in aero garden, I've decided to go in completely and have build my own Fed DWC system using a 10 gallon Rubbermaid, Air pump and water pump. I keep the water reservoir between 5—7 gallons And have upper my original nutrient recipe from simply Floranova grow:bloom, super thrive and plant revolution great white to this:

Flora nova grow: 16 mL/5 gal
CalMagic: 12 mL/5 gal
Diamond nectar: 12 mL/5 gal
Flora nectar: 7 mL/5 gal
Armor Si: 3 mL/5 gal
Plant revolution: one half scoop
Asos Nitrogen fixing bacteria: 1 tablespoon

The above mix was added on July 19 and has a PPM/pH of:
Post pH: 5.6—5.8
He p.m.: 714/5 gal

Got here is where it starts to get a little strange:
On the 26th, The plant began to release a very obvious weed smell from it. A partner didn't notice it at first but because of my visual issues I have a more acute sense of smell, took him two or three more days before he two began to notice it and it has since become far more potent. what is interesting is that the PPM went up to 768 ph went down to 5.0. I decided to address this by bleeding off to gallons of the nutrient water and replacing it with 1 gallon of PhD distilled water which lowered the overall ppm to 608 and brought the pH back up to the 5.5 area. Mongering both PPM and pH over the next couple of days, the pH slowly began to drift back down to 5.0 in the PPM slowly began to increase. When I took a sample today, I noticed that the water was mostly clear and since General hydroponics traditionally uses food coloring to note The presence of nutrients in the water, I can only assume that what is sitting in nutrient solution now is mostly nitrogen from the nitrogen fixing bacteria. No thing is, the plan is showing no ill signs, in fact if one went by the smell it would be argued that the plant is growing exquisitely well and I haven't even begun LST training yet, let alone it is still a few weeks before flowering.

Now the thing is that the plan does not seem to be consuming that much water. Checking, I'd say I have about 5 gallons still sitting in the reservoir from an original high of six yet in my last grow, the pH and PPM was a constant struggle to maintain with the PPM having to be added every few days at this point.

So what do you guys think? I'm fairly confident that the nitrogen fixing bacteria has been providing the plant with the nitrogen but as a consequence the PPM is being kept at a point that is not letting me know about the other nutrients? Do you think I should do a drain and refill? Should I continue to use the nitrogen fixing bacteria? Is anyone else ever messed with nitrogen fixing bacteria in their grow? Or should I add in the other supplements that I've been using and keep the floor nova out and let the nitrogen fixing bacteria provide the nitrogen?

I mean I won't deny that I have been enjoying the fact that the pH seems to be mostly stable, the PPM is slowly creeping up though I can adjust that by adding distilled water and, based on everything that I have read, cannabis plants don't typically produce a weed like smell until they are flowering but nonetheless, I am curious about the decrease in the coloring in the nutrient water and the other issues mentioned above.


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Yep that's my situation as well, it's only just about ready to push the third tier up, likely begin training tomorrow or Tuesday at the rate it's been growing.
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