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So nice to be here!


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moose, that looks like the guy from saul of the mole men (adult swim?), the stupidest f'ing show ever to be put on tv. I see the end sometimes, looking for futurama, family guy or robot chicken.

johnny tamborine!! that's his name.


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As a matter of fact I do ......... Just within the last month I was able to get my wife off with only a simple massage ...........I can read her like a book though ......:60::60:........:hmmmm: So am I as good as you ?

Do you have a Brother :3: :laugh2:

Sorry, Welcome... Hello...Lady Pothead. :35:
The guys do take care of us 420 Gals. ;)
I hope you love it here as much as I do. :allgood:
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Good luck with the issue with ur husband lady pothead!

welcome to 420magazine as well :)



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Welcome!!! don't worry Lady realy one day he'll be going threw the dumpsters in the back of closed KFC's looking for his next meal. It works like that. It will get better and now you have us for support... :peace:

Lady Pothead

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When I saw him last week in court, he DID look like crap. Scary crap. Not dumpster diving bad, but skinny shaky looking bad. Brrr...

I helped drive the Karma bus right up and over his ass. Take that, you wife abusing control freak!

*Deep Toke* Ahh.... Battling evil is hard work.

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