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So Pot makes you Paranoid?

King Bongmaster

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So pot makes you paranoid?
Isn't that what you hear?
but is it really Maryjane
that causes such fear?
Now think about this
as it has often been said
"The only thing to fear is fear itself"
its all in your head
Sure we're all Afraid
scared of the law
ominously looming
its SHOCK and AWE!
you could lose your property
or end up flat broke
its the punishment that hurts
not the plant or the smoke
Maryjane wouldn't ever
kick in my door
point a gun at me
and say "down on the floor"
Maryjane wouldn't ever
take my Job or my Son
and throw me in a kenel
just for havin' some fun
cuz Maryjane you see
is only a danger to weild
because the unjust laws are backed
by a badge and a Shield
so with bravery we smoke
couragous and true
the only thing to fear
is the boys in the blue.



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niice, i like it k+


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420Dentist said:
Excellent poem. So true...

Couldn't say it any better.


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FUCK YESS! I love it man!


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giving you some rep points


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That reminds me of how i was wen i first started i was very paranoid
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