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So what happens now?

Is this good or bad?

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First of all I would like to congratulate my loyal brothers and sisters for this great news. Well maybe I wouldn't like to. Hear me out. I have heard the news and read some stuff on several websites about this. The DEA finally admits marijuana's medicinal value. Also, Mr. Donald Tashkin, the lying jackass who has been studying marijuana for 30 years and was totally anti-marijuana suddenly changes his mind. Of course his study was funded by National Institute of Drug Abuse so you get the idea. Does it really take 30 years for a scientist to understand something some scientists understood in a year? You cant be that slow so yea. Getting to the point. I had always feared this and no not being pessimistic I was being a realist. We were making progress in this stupid war on drugs they knew it, we knew it. Ever since this medical marijuana thing started I feared they would put the product in the hands of the BIG PHARMA, and they did. I feared that these medical marijuana dispensaries would maybe even all be forced to shut down. Everybody dances to the tunes of the pharmaceutical companies and the insurance companies in this country. Marijuana is only to be used by the BIG FUCKING PHARMA. Well there you go is this a time to celebrate or just get angry and go on with our lives like we do. I'm pretty sure most people, like me myself do not want to pop a pill that costs a 100 dollars to get some THC. I wanna smoke it, I wanna eat it. If you are gonna make it legal then whats with this bullshit. So there you go The BIG PHARMA win again. Let them make billions of dollars. Is that what they think really? The politicians aren't that dumb. This is not gonna get rid of your problem. Do you think you just pulled a slick one on us and we wouldn't notice? Please get the fake stereotypical Hollywood dumb marijuana smoker image out of your head. THIS IS STILL PROHIBITION. And that's not what this is about. I know, and I don't care, that legalization is far away if not impossible. But to be honest this isn't going to solve the problem and noone is gonna take your fucking pill. So you can shove that up your ass with all the xanax and tylenol and all that bullshit and "EXCUSE ME WHILE I LIGHT MY SPLIFF!" So what do you guys think? I would love to hear about other people's views on this and I hope to God that I am wrong. But I see a lot of people just hearing this and being happy but they aren't really looking at it from a business and political point of view. I'm sorry business/politics same thing so i said that twice haha. Peace out everybody and take care.
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