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how the needle thing went ----end result dont do it---I figured that if you shoot some miracle grow into the end of a loped top it would grow better----at first it did really good---then,, like in life you can not take shortcuts yes im fluffed up for even trying ---I started over ----I have a bunch of seeds so i cut my losses I will keep u posted on my 2nd grow--I now have 1140 watts in a 4x4 complete grow package tent--I know some of U have tight budgets---- I am lucky----I do well in the financial category---so I have good lights I have on 540 watt LED grow light from Growace-------- then i have a 600 watt total of 1140 watts--I am using good potting soil--all sorts of nutrients---- if anyone can help please speak up---dont be wize-asses

-----picture a dude---- now picture that same dude with his pinky finger up--- NOW-----GO FLUFF YOURSELF
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