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Society today
isn't what it was in the past
now we can get locked up
just for smokin' some grass
and not payin' our dues
or givin' up our rights
we're supposed to stand behind this guy
and support his every fight
society has become
what we thought we wanted it to be
but with every right thats revoked
I feel a little less free
with limited choices
that we are allowed to make
we work work work
and they take take take
let me ask you this,
can you really call it free
If your life is governed and ruled
by those with authority
we're all created equally
but some wield far more power than most
the government is everywhere
just like the holy ghost
they call the shots
and they make the rules
their the ones that decide
what we'll teach in the schools
they tell us what they want us to hear
and it gets worse and worse
with every passing year
we're not really free
we're more like animals at a zoo
we can feed and fuck
and they clean up our poo
but we're only allowed
to do what they say
if we try to go against them
we get taken away
THE society is corrupt
but society itself is not
everyone strives to survive
even those who don't have alot
but the country is free
to the people in uniform
society has changed
and a monster has been born
its not getting any smaller
the government control is growing
what country we'll attack next
there's no way of knowing
we don't have the same rights
that people had long ago
they've been eroded away
ever so slow
little by little
line by line
we've lost many of our rights
to the passing of time
and thats just the way it is
although most are oblivious to the facts
blinded by the shock and awe
of the recent attacks
living misinformed lives
I guess ignorance is bliss
if they don't know freedoms gone
then it'll never be missed
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