SofaKing Grows Kushes For Your Tushes In Coco: 1600W HPS Summer '18

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Last one harvested at 84 days 12/12 was the freak blueberry kush. Something went wrong for this girl, she didnt start to flower untill later than the rest and if it wasnt for deficiencies i could have let it go longer. It was almost 50% amber and didnt look ready other than that. I dont know if it was starting to hermie or something ive never had it happen before. She has a sweet smell, not kushy and definatly no berry notes at all?
I popped 2 of these and only had roim for one so i tossed the other one out in my back yard and it ended up smelling exactly like blueberry muffins but it molded up from humidity. The one in the pics yielded good about 6 zips but the flavor is pretty average. Im thinking it was a bunk pheno or possibly a mislabled seed? The high is ok, hits like a frieght train to the head at first but mellows out pretty quick. I havent found any seeds yet so im not sure why it looks so different from the other one and has no blueberry traits.

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