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SOG:5x2x2 Deck Box/ Convert to SOG? Best Use of Components


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I currently have a Veg box that is Wasting Away... I have 6 plants just sitting there. I Have Quality Components however I dont Understand the most Efficient Manner in which to Configure the setup.
I am considering SOG....

Current Configuration:

Vegetative Box

1- 5x2x2 Veg Box with 4 T5 54Watt bulbs and cooling fans. Currently on 18 hour Veg schedule with 6 plants inside for MONTHS....

1- 7x2x12 closet is flowering area.
2 - 600 watt Redeyes and supplemental 2700K CFL's.
2 - Air Cooled 6 inch 600 Watt Reflectors
2 - Lumatek Digital Ballast (goes to 600 Watt Max and "super" ??
1- Vortex 6 inch inline exhaust fan in upper right corner of 12 ft high closet
1- carbon cannister on the top left corner of closet.
5- 5 Gallon pots
6 -23 Watt 2700K CFLs

Problem is that it takes Way Too Long to produce results. So I was thinking..."What is the Most Effective Way to Grow Quality With the Equipment I Have?

So I am Considering SOG......
SOG Questions:
1. Will my Deck Box be Large Enough? If not, I will have to Enlarge the deck box or replace it. Inside Dimensions Are: 21 Inches to Base of T5 Bulbs and the floor. Box is 57 Inches long and 21 Depth.
2. What medium? I currently use (my first grow) a mix of Foxfarms Ocean somethingorother and a high percentage of Perlite and Hydroton Mixed in. I Water Daily With No Problems...I can set up a drip irrigation inside the veg box.
3. Should I Consider Bubblers?
4. How Many Plants?
5. How high should the Net be if 21 inches is the height to the base of bulb?

If there are Other Approaches To Increase Efficiency Please Suggest! For example if it was a Great Improvement, I would "Relocate one of the two 600 watt fixtures to another closet. Etc. I can simply buy another 600 watt setup as well.
I Will Try ANY IDEAS.... As long as they are not for highly advanced growers. I am a "personal" grow guy and my friends use narcotics for pain. They cant help me figure this out...

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