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SoG - seeds - Satori and Hashberry from Mandala


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I'm new here and need some advice. There are no clones available in my area but my goal is to get 400 to 500 gr/qm at the end of the grow and to have minimum one motherplant. My Box will be a conventional Homebox of 1 or probably 1.2 qm.

I looked a bit around, but the number of the different strains is overwhelming.
I found two strains whose description sounded very good and don't cost that much.
The two strains are Satori and Hashberry.

My problem is that I don't know how much seeds I would need for reaching my goal in a short time? (SoG?) I'm searching for a method with a good ratio in money(also considered the costs for the seeds)and time.

The other thing is, that I don't know if it is recommendable to grow two different strains in one box? Is it right that Satori will get a bit bigger?

Pls help me, its my first indoor grow.



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I found in an old thread that its not recommended to do SoG with seeds because the plants often don't grow uniform. Mandala says that their seeds are also usable for SoG because they grow very uniformily.

Also on Mandala's page it's written that the strains are both middle-sized. But I'm not sure if that is enough to cause no problems. Has anyone experience with two different strains in a box especially if the doesn't differ much in heigth?

It seems that I will have the possibility to do SoG. But I don't know how much seeds I should buy?


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no one here who can give me an advice about doing a mixed SoG with hashberry and satori in a 1,2 qm box?

Will buy probably 50 unfeminized seeds in total.

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I wouldn't mix hashberry and satori.

Both are great, but satori will end up taller than the hashberry and SoG is all about even canopy.

I do a SoG, but it is all from clones.

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