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Soil-Bag Sealer!!!

Concrete Seed

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If you have issues with keeping your unused soil moist, here is an easy idea that will help you out. Its probably been invented already but I though I was pretty clever! haha ;)


*1Gal Ziplock baggy.

Step-1: Cut a straight line horizontally across the top of your main soil-bag. (In the center.)

Step-2: Separate the "ziplock" part of your baggy by cutting the bottom part of the baggy off. You'll be left with the zip-lock portion of the baggy.

Step-3: Line up the horizontal cut at the top of the soil-bag with the ziplock baggy and duck-tape each side of the ziplock to the soil-bag. If done right, you now have a "Ziplock" soil-bag! No more clamps, twist-ties or "tuckin it under"!

Hope this helps someone!!!!

Concrete Seed
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