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Soil drench with neem oil - Part of a nutritious bug control program

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I have some plants in veg that I try to kill as often as I have these crazy ideas to try out something wack-o.

Plants are clones of OSH & SSH, in grodan rockwool cubes (Cap'n Style) at various stages of veg.

Today I added;1.25ml/gal neem oil, and 2.5ml/gal Coco Wet to my normal nutrient mix.

I tried the neem oil at 2.5ml/gal with 2.5ml/gal Coco Wet and it obviously wasn't enough Coco Wet, so rather than increase the Coco Wet I reduced the neem oil.

So here I sit waiting for everything to die, or burst into flames, or who knows what...

For us it is very spring-like and the bugs are out and about as well as the lizards and such. I'm looking to see if this is a viable insect control option.

The aim being to allow the plants to use the neem oil in what amounts to a systemic manner.

My research seems to suggest that when used as a root drench the neem oil is systemic for some 30 days, I have no plans to use it more often than monthly and not after two weeks prior to 12:12 lighting.

I figure half way between soil drenches I will do an application of neem + permethrin via foliar spray as a preventive measure.

I'm already spraying once weekly in veg with permethrin + Coco Wet so the addition of neem oil every third time is no big deal, just an additional method of insect control. Before someone suggests foggers I prefer direct spray application to foggers.

If you have anything to share about using neem, please feel free to tack on your comment below, I will certainly update if I manage to kill the plants with this neem drench hocus pocus.

I welcome any comments about the safety of this method, I'm thick skinned.

I can't likely speak to how effective it might be, I don't have pests in my grow at the moment, I'm trying to keep it that way.
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