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Soil for indoor grow?


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S'up yol.about to start my very first crop and I've blew most of my budget on tent,light,fan etc.well actually I got like a full starter kit.as I'm a newb I don't have any first hand knowledge about soil?there's only so much info you can get out a member of staff in homebase or B n Q.lol. I've decided to use john innes no.1 potting soil.I also picked up a 10 litre bag of perlite (£5).I was going to mix in about 10% perlite with the soil and would like to get any tips or helpful hints.maybe you think its good or maybe you think its a shit idea,let me know.cheers very much.


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Did you know that a young seedling may not be able to handle full strength potting soil ?

I would maybe up that to 20% perlite, depending on how heavy or light the soil feels when saturated. Those air pockets the perlite creates help a lot with air for the roots.

I have read up on John Innes and his potting soil and would be curious if it will take a plant from seedling to harvest, are you gonna run a journal for this grow?
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