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Soil grow - Question about plant water consumption


Photo of the Month: Apr 2018
I am early in a grow in veg with a couple of Lemon Sour Diesel clones that I got from a dispensary.
I am growing in Fox Farms soil with a 1200w LED in a 4x4 tent.
Temps in the 70's RH in the 50's
Both plants I am talking about are in 1gal pots right now.

A couple of days ago I took both plants out and watered them through, meaning I slowly watered until I had a good runoff coming through the bottom of the pot.

Plant 1 - single main stem and growing well....

After a couple of days this plant's soil was almost dry again and the pot is light.

Plant 2 - two main stems and growing well too....

After a couple of days this plan's soil was still completely saturated.

Both plants are centered under the light and it is about 24" from the tops

Why is the bigger plant not drinking anymore?

Thanks for any help!
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