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Hey People,
My plant just poped up. I've been giving water only. Do you wait about 2 weeks before adding nutrients? What should I have my light timer set on in this very early stage.

What nutrients are best that I can find localy like lowes?

Thank You!


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I Have 400w MH Light. Room is about 6 1/2' tall.



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Standard soil with no nutes is good. Fox farms, No Mercy supply, and many others. Keep your light low on the plants, like 6-12" as low as heat allows. Do some reading in the grow room and in the jounals, there is a ton of great info there. With your setup I would go 24/0 until week 3 or 4, then go 12/12 keeping the lights as close as you can.


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Or carefully transplant now into better soil while the plant is still young and as such it's root structure small. As DaMagoman said, time release ferts. can burn your plant. This is not the method you want to use to feed because time release ferts. leave little room for customization to what the plant needs without risk of serious burning.

Some good soils are Fox Farms Ocean Forest (mostly online) or Pro Mix BX Seed and Clone sold at most garden stores/centers including Agway.
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