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Soil mix any thoughts?


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First time making a soil and i found this recipe on the net.I am going to try this my next go around. Any thoughts or changes?
3.8cf pro-mix
1cf worm castings
.5cf perlite
6c epsom salt
3c alfalfa meal
3c kelp meal
3c crab meal
2c 50/50 neem, karanja cake
1c soft rock phosphate
1c oyster shell
1c gypsum
3/4c sulpomag
1c azomite

I am guessing with this mix there will be a minimum amount of liquid fertilizer needed.


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I've never even heard of half the stuff you're using there. You don't need most of that. Don't overthink what you're doing. Just get some good rich soil and make sure your pH is between 6 and 7. Stuff like alfalfa meal may or may not help, I don't know. I wouldn't waste my money on it though. All your plants really need is soil (with perlite), water, and light. Add some good nutrients and that's all you'll really need.

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You were asked to leave, seemed you had a hard time understanding what that meant, if your mental faculties permit you to feel welcome where you obviously are not it isn't my fault you thought "I" came at "you", when in fact I was helping you to understand in terms you now clearly understand to leave.

You can invite yourself into someone's thread and not leave when asked under the guise of defending someone else, but expect that there will be fall out.

If you are okay with that, then you should be okay with this, and also okay with being told to leave, a big boy such as yourself should be able to take it as well as dish it out.

If not don't go into the big boy thread, can't handle being spanked, don't stick your nose into other peoples business.

You may think it was unprovoked but you are on a members thread in which I participate and bringing your BS there provokes everyone, if you can't understand how that works then you really are ignorant.


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I left because I was done dealing with arrogance.

Am i dealing with this in a non big boy way? I mean you found the few threads I have and posted on them.

I believe you and your co breeder are not able to handle the situation.

You decided to chime in on an issue you know nothing about. Educate yourself about the topic at hand then if you feel the need to chime in again than go ahead.

I have no issue nor had an issue with you. I do however have an issue with dutty.


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Nah. That 6c of epsom should have been espoma.

My bad.
How could you have mistaken Epsom salts, for Epsoma, which is the name brand of a fertilizer company. Really should pay more attention to details, that is a massive over site that cost you what is actually your entire grow, essentially you wasted everything you put into that mix.

That's not even a newb mistake, that's more less a I have a difficult time understanding things in general mistake, like I said before less talk more listen.

And don't flame anymore Master Growers on 420 you will lose, every time.


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As I am sure you can read i abandon the mix. I didn't do anything with it. Get.

And don't flame any master growers I will lose? Who are you? I get it dutty's manhood is in you.. move on minion. Let the grown-ups work this out.

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Let me correct you on a few things you missed.

You perceive Dutty as Arrogant, and in doing so you are also appearing arrogant.

You have no forsight, you think that you are not starting an issue with anybody else when you post ignorant comments on other peoples threads, that is your ignorance, but you started with me when you intruded into DP's thread with delusions of defending someone else.

Can you not see how that may be counter productive? Do you enjoy this conversation we are having here? or would you rather be discussing growing?

I have been on this planet far longer than you and I am fully educated on the subject at hand, and I am also very familiar with your type and how you operate.

If you cannot see now how this will end then you are more ignorant than I originally thought.


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See what you don't get is he came at me first. I'm not helping anyone out. Get the facts straight boy.

Now what you are looking like the ass.

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How is it that I am looking like an Ass? that is your projection.

I do not see DP commenting on your thread.

Please point out where DP showed up here and "Came at you"

Seriously "Now what you are looking like the ass." ? really what does that actually mean? your sure you think I need to go to school?


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Yup. It's the truth minion. He attack my question on sue's thread. Now go get educated. 1 mill right people who talk about really don't have it. Your ignorance is showing now.

Your posts have no substance they are boring.
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