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Soil mix ratio?

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Ohai guys! This is my first o hopefully what is many thousands of posts to come. So I need some advice on what ratios are successful. I'm replanting some seedlings for a herb garden and I'm using it as a trial run for when I do my beans. I dont want to add an excess of anything.

So my mix will consist of:

Osmocote plus organics vegetable and herb mix 25lt
Richgro multi-purpose organic compost 25lt
Cow manure 25lt

Obviously I will up the soil to something treated for pests like canna organic mix for my beans and minus the manure (except for outdoor).

Should I add a wetting agent? Is that overkill? I want them to be self sufficient enough so they can go without water every now and then. Would a base of lava rocks for instance be beneficial? Any other suggestions? I'll most likely apply the same mix though with a cheaper soil for the garden bed when they are big enough to go in the ground.

$200 bucks at Bunnings and I felt like I was there for a year and walked out with fuckall. Not looking forward to the bill at the hydroponics shop when I buy my gear (really want a 5x5 Gorilla grow tent and a LED setup)

My accidental bag seed sweet tooth outdoor grow is coming along fine in a 50lt pot plus Seasol every 2-4 days. Need to get some proper ferts for her, she's started to pre-flower!
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Yeah putting down a red IPA next week. Brainstorming flavour twists, last brew was a honey and vanilla American Brown which clocked out at 6%

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She's getting rather tall... Considering transplanting into the ground in the corner of the backyard as it's getting hard to find a spot where there point of view is hidden from prying eyes. Still yet to decide on flowering nutes so maintaining the seasol regiment for now. I think the chilli plants are suffering f on a nitrogen deficiency. Plenty of cow shit in the mix to get them going. Can't imagine how big she would be right now if I topped and used a proper soil mix. Going to have to flush her with a bubbler setup as I didn't realize the slow release ferts in the soil would fuck my girl. Though it's all a learning process considering my last plant was maybe 30cm dwarf when it flowered and I was lucky to get a q if it.

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