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Soil, nutes and watering?


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I'm planning my first grow soon and with as much as I've read, I'm still confused about nutes, fertilizing and watering.
I'm starting from seeds and I'll be picking a mother after veg stage so I can start cloning.

I plan on using fox farm organic soil, but I don't know anything about gardening outside of what I've read about growing marijuana.
What does it mean to add x amount of nutes per gallon? Do I fill up a gallon container of water and add nutes to that, then pour in my watering medium and apply every other time I water? And when should I start adding nutes? I'll probably be using Fox Farm nutes too.
When should I start leaf feeding as well?

For fertilizer, when do I start adding fertilizer and how much do I add? How do the measurements work?

How often do I water? I read somewhere that I should water whenever my plant is dry during veg, but what about flower?

As for pH solutions (ph up and ph down), how do I add that to my soil? Do I put a certain amount of drops in the water I'm using to balance is out?


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So pretty much you're asking "how do I grow marijuana" :16:

For mixing nutes the gallon jug will work fine. I picked up a 5gal bucket for my soil grow and I keep the water aerated and the ph at 7. When it is time to water I fill a 1gal jug from the bucket and mix with nutes and adjust ph if needed. Keep your stored water cool, put your 1 gal mix in a refridgerator and allow the water to warm to 68-70 degrees before watering. I freeze a 2 liter to keep my bucket water cool.

I wait to give nutes until I see 5 fingered leaves, but that is my preference. This grow I started 1/4 strength nutes at 20 days in.

Watering schedules depend on your soil mix, you could start with a 3-4 day watering schedue and see how it goes.

Yes. You adjust the ph of the water, 6.5-6.8 is good :thumb:


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Call me crazy, or maybe blind, but I think this is the only post around these parts which actually explains how to adjust ph and apply nutes. I _hope_ I'm wrong about that, but if there is another one it's fairly well hidden. Either way, thanks Dizzle! Super helpful of you.


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Snark duly appreciated, but I'm serious. For all the helpful info spread throughout the Grow Room, there is not a Sticky to walk us through the basic process. There are for lights, there are for parasites, there are for diseases, nutes, etc etc. But there is not (again, unless I'm just not systematic enough in my Search Forum:pH, which would not be unheard of) a definitive place to go for an overview of how to correctly test pH, and then how to adjust nutes to offset it.

So please, if it DOES exist, hook me up with a link. It sure isn't my desire to bug people for information which is pre-assembled, and make myself look like an idiot in the process. But if it doesn't exist it is something I would like to work on, if simply so those of you in the know could just say "Hey dumbass - go to this link" and be done with it every time someone posts a pH question.

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That is a truly awesome list, a freakin wealth of how-to info, and I am slowly grinding my way through it. Problem being that I just read the sections relating to pH again
How Can I Raise or Lower the pH of my Soil Mix?
What pH Level or Range Should I aim For?
and while they are super helpful in specific ways, they ain't telling me just the basic steps in checking my pH.

For example, I am assuming that when I water I test the runoff, and that only when I add nutes do I try to adjust their pH to hopefully adjust the overall pH of all my pots. For all I know this is grossly wrong, and I would love to avoid harming my kids as a result. I'm sure that once I Get It it'll be the easiest process ever, but as a total rookie it seems complicated, easy to fuck up, and really important to do correctly. So I'd like to get it right.

I know it must get boring as shit to see the same questions on a daily basis coming from people who are too lazy to do their own research and so they just ask you instead. I apologize for coming across like one of them, and for possibly asking way-too-specific questions which are pointless (hey man, look at my name). But I really want to learn this stuff, and I bet other people do too.

Okay, I'll shut up now. But first, thanks for helping me and all the other new people out by monitoring all these forums and answering all these questions. Hopefully, some decade, I'll be able to return the favor.

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You can also use the site search and search PH, I came up with tons of hits.... In all honesty, a bit of looking around and reading will answer most of the questions I see here day after day, especially the newbie questions....


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Don't feel bad, I am on my first grow and was driving people crazy with noob questions too. There are great people here and someone will eventually answer your question. Since I am new I don't really answer questions but moonlights as a newbie cheerleader...lol..Just giving encouragement and support. And even if someone does answer your questions, your bound to make a mistake somewhere.. Don't sweat it, just learn from your mistake. As they say experience is the best teacher...Good Luck and Happy Growing!!!
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