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Soil pH Question


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I plan to grow using Fox Farm's Ocean Forest potting soil. Would it be sufficient to water every time with a 6.0 pH solution, or do I really need to invest in a soil pH meter? I understand that I can go three to four weeks without adding nutrients to this type of potting soil.

Anyway, I have a pH meter from a hydroponic grow, and I don't want to invest in a soil pH meter unless it is a must. To restate my question more clearly, is it feasible to mix up a solution with a pH of 6.0 to water my crop every time?


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I read your water reccomendations and now I'm concearned. I have five plants (seedlings actually) they all have four leaves or more in week two. I feed them with 1.0 GPH drippers on a timer 6am - 6pm 12 min each. They are all in 5" pots. I used a clean cat litter container that holds 3 1/2 Gallons of water. This morning I saw a thread that said to use Lemons to bring down PH. I was at around 7.1 or 7.0 ph. I now brought it down to 6.3 ph for all 3 1/2 gallons. But this is all I feed them. I do use Fox farms organic Big Bloom and Grow Big only for now per schedule. My soil is Miricle Grow time release. Do I need to be concearned about feeding another way or will will I be ok? my room is covered in mylar and is at 71 Deg. 400 Watt metal Halide 18 hrs on. Oscillating fan on 18 hrs. Lows at night are 60 Deg. Moisture is at 20 to 24 % and I live in Colorado at 6500 Ft. Any reccomendations are gladly accepted.:adore:


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I would have a problem drip watering with soil that has time release nutes, only because the nute balls are constantly getting moist and this will release your nutes constantly, and could spell trouble right outta the blue. Once that many nutes have been opened into the soil, the PH will be very hard to keep correct. I would water wet/dry for sure.


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I understand that I can go three to four weeks without adding nutrients to this type of potting soil.QUOTE]

Although this is true if you add a bit of "Liquid Compost" when watering it helps the plants use the nutrients in the soil better as well as it helps stabalize the PH.I'm using the same soil and have really nice results with it.
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