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Hello. I've looked around but can't find this answer yet, could you please help? If my water ph is on the money(lets say 6.5) ,but the soil ph is high (lets say 7.5). Do I adjust the water down to like 6.0 or 5.5, to get my soil down to 6.5 ? Thanks alotfor the help.:bong:


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Are you taking the pH reading of the water before or after you add any nutrients to it?

As the organic matter in the soil breaks down the pH will naturally increase in acidity. Ferts. will also contribute to this effect. :peace:


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After the nute is added, I ph it. Should I test h20 ,then nute and h20 mixed? It seems to be an extra step. What about the original question?.
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Hello... :yummy:Any help would be great . :thanks:


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I guess you have to start a journal to get any help. This is like the third question I have asked now and not one answer.... Is this a really tough question, or is it just a lack of "Growers helping each other learn". This may be so simple to others its not important... I have done alot of research but not found the answer to this question. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP? :peace:


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hello O.G.

when i first tested my pH it was off by quite a bit so i did what you are asking about... if you want the pH to go up make the pH of the nutes a little high. but to help you i need some info...

what kind of soil
are you using a pH buffer
what nutes

i would suggest you measure water pH and soil pH seperately. now water the soil and test the runoff pH immediately and the pH of the soil at the top of your pot 15 mins after watering

if your runoff is high in pH lower your nutes below 6.5
if your runoff is low in pH raise your nutes above 6.5

the pH of the soil at the top should get close to the runoff as you balance the system
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:cheer:Thanks a ton for the info Flurple...... You are the man.:cheer: A fellow new member comes up with the save. :thanks:
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