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Soil - Purple Kush - Grow 2014

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Ok I have a purple kush plant maybe 5 weeks old in veg cycle mg potting soil with dirt from outside mixed with it in pot maybe 2 gallon 3 cfl lights has fan temp stay between 70-80 rh stays between 40-50 ph was not good so now going to used distilled water I water when top of dirt is dry I haven't used any ferts need input have got some feedback bc of problem with yellowing helped a lot but just found out today posting my pics soon then will update every week also to add I had plant outside till a week ago and moved inside hope it doesn't have any disadvantages from doing so but didn't have yellowing problem until moved inside going to post pic of it outside and then pics after moved.
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after adding light and and fan clipped dead off leaves going to maybe change to 6500 k lights worried about it already going into flowering cuz of pistils is on24-0 light cycle using distilled water flushing it and wondering if using the distilled water will fix ph problems?? And other concern is if stem growth is adequate for the age of plant? All answers welcome..
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Ordering fox farms and cal mag soon getting 400w led going still use cfls too want to clone if get heathly enough moving to bigger space hopefully.. Learning more eryday so going good thanks to 420 magazine.


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Going to as soon as money is right will it kill the plant if I changed the dirt
The goal of this is transplanting her into new soil.

It would be pretty tricky to remove all the previous soil and keep all of her roots in tact. I would suggest just transplanting her into new soil and continuing on.

Your temps are ok, my last crop I had temp issues into the 90's and still pulled an average of 280g per plant wet. I now have my temperatures controlled to 75 and is the best I can personally do with a 600w in my space.

What are you feeding your girl with and how much? Do you have a PH pen as well?

Seems like those tips are showing signs of being too heavy on the nutrients, but would love to know the ph of the "mystery" out door soil lol.

How much heat is your LED throwing off? Seems to be pretty far away from here and I'm curious as too why. If you can hold your hand away from the light by 5-6" without feeling significant heat most definitely move her down.

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We'll no ph pen yet soon tho and highest temp so far since moved it is 88 and all I'm feeding her is distilled water nothing else in two weeks I'll be able to get my new soil ph pen and and whatever else I need just not sure what all that I need for her??
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so where is good place to get ph pen walmart doesn't have one gonna check home depot tomorrow any info would be great and would ffof and 25% perlite a good change for soil and should get differ pot for it i really want to get big enough to clone i know my first plant and all but dont want it to be last so keep the tips coming this way because i have been able to utilize alot from this site so far


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Hey Twitch sorry been busy lately.

I had to order my PH pen online off of amazon. I also live in a ridiculous small town where regular items are not so regular.
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Ok going to get one soon and does the soil change seem ok or you think it will be fine with the soil it's in?? This what looks like today..


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Doesn't look like theres any ridiculous curling going on. I would still check your soil PH for sure as different nutrients from the NPK ratio can be better absorbed at different ph levels.