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soil - reusable? haven't seen this addressed - thanks!


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hey all ..my first grow from bagseeds with CFLs...note im not trying to win the cup..just wanna grow some decent smoke , have a happy plant...or 4...lol. i just bought some decent lite potting soil from a nursery,,it was 0.85-0.45-0.45....is there any advantage to using soil repeatedly? i would think after flushing it should be neutral
i may go to coco..also leaning towards organic..fertilizers etc. so comments?:thumb:


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Re: soil....reuseable?...havent seen this addressed..thanks!

Yes you can reuse soil and the plants will still grow. But if you are asking if you should then Im inclined to say no. Used soil will often be drained of nutrients, contain salt buildup, old roots, and might even have fungus or pests.

Most likely you will be fine, but your idea is to produce the best medicine that you can you should definately invest in new soil for each grow. Soil is likely to be one of the biggest factors in determining the quality of your end product.


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Yes you can reuse it. It's easier to buy new stuff, but Tardi is right on with what he said.

There's a product (The name escapes me right now, I JUST learned about it yesterday) and it's added to soil to take care of old roots. I personally sift my soil, which is a long and boring process, and I wouldn't recommend it. Then a flush, and a little splash of nutes before reusing it.

You can also mix in compost into the soil to enrich it with nutrients, and you can easily make your own compost at home, you'll just have to sterilize it before bringing it indoors to avoid bringing pests inside with you.


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just hacked my first male plant...and oh hell no!..dont think I could get the roots out of the soil..would be alot of work..thanks all


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Just get all the old roots out and throw in some bat guano. The soil will be fine to reuse, but I wouldn't reuse it more than once or maybe twice..
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