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Soil to DWC: LED To MH To HPS


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What strain is it? various
.1X g13 white widow"feminized". 1X green label everest bud "feminized", 3X dinafem OG kush "feminized" , 4X seedsman mama mia "feminized". 6 bag seeds started 2 weeks earlier then the brand name seeds.

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? youll have to look up what each strain is yourself sorry.
Is it in Veg or Flower stage?veg
If in Veg... For how long? 1 month/ 1 month 1 week
Indoor or outdoor? indoor
Soil or Hydro? soil now , DWC soon
If soil... what is in your mix? 30% perlite 40% Schultz potting soil 30% seedling mix
If soil... What size pot? white solo cups ".75/L?"
Size of light? custom 75WX4 LED
Is it aircooled? no
Temp of Room/cab? 75-85
RH of Room/cab?40-80
PH of media or res? not sure yet
Any Pests ?no
How often are you watering?when pots are dry .
Type and strength of ferts used?just started using 20-20-20 . i plan to add it every 4 days with regular waterings inbeetween untill i can get them into a dwc setup .

pics and specs of my homemade LED light can be found here

My New LED light

here is a pic of the plants at about 1 month under 24/0 lights . seeds were germinated in water till they cracked then paper towel untill the had aprox 1/8 to 1/4 inch tap roots. then planted in the containers you see now .

by the end of the month ill have transferred the 6 bag seed seedlings and 6 name brands to individual 5 gallon DWC setups under Dual 400W metal halides that i used in my last grow. they will be moved up to a single 1000W HPS when they are ready to be flowered. 2 plants " 1 og kush and one mama mia" will be soil mothers for a perpetual harvest once i get the DWCs dialled in . i will take as many clones as i can during the initial DWC veg but only untill the plants are the right height. clones will be kept with mothers under 24/0 . veg 18/4 and flower of 12/12. 3 separated rooms once its done .

i haven't 100% decided on nutes yet for the DWC setup .because i have multiple strains im going to use independent 5 gallon buckets for independent nute schedules based on how the plants look and react and ofcourse by how much they eat in general.

any advice and or suggestions are always welcome, but im thinking the 3 part advanced nutrient plan. some ph up and ph down and some big bud or bud candy as a good starter line of nutes/ additives to get. there atleast a 6 hour drive so i dont want be going back all the time lol . also dont want to go to crazy as this is my first time trying a hydro system.

any suggestions comments or questions are welcome . thanks for taking the time to check it out!


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so i picked up my starter line of nutes for the dwc setup last weekend . heres what i got.

heres what the plants look like prior to any of them going into DWC.a few things about the plants.

og kush "back left ,second in from left. the short headless one " is FIM topped . or atleast thats what i call it or think its what it called.it is the method that produced the 6 fingered monster from my last grow.

i also have one plat doing it natural which is really weird "back left" . a bag seed . it has a HUGE knuckle on it and it was not topped . it just decided to not grow a top bud and sprout 4 arms.its responding very well to trimming so im going to grow it out and see if its a female. ill post more pictures when it decides its sex.

all 3 og kushes are suprizingly short and bushy.i expected a taller plant based on the breeders strain but there not stretching at all .im having a hard time not wrecking the bigger leaves when rearranging pots lol .

the mama mias have great branching and inter node spacing for such small containers. i cant wait to get one in a 5 gallon dwc and watch it explode .

the g13 white widow is slowly but surely growing . much slower then the rest. i blame this on over nuted soild . the seed leaves/first nodes displayed some signs of mutations. it was a good gene and it seems to be pulling through .

the Everest bud has reallly exploded since i hit it with the nutes last week . its pretty much caught up to the rest of the plants. slightly less bushy then the og and as tall and nicely spaced as the mama mias . it looks to be a good strain . however this is one of the seeds i was debating to use as a soil mother so im not 100% sure itll make it to a 5 gallon dwc pot.i will also add that at only 5 inches tall in a white solo cup at just over 4 weeks old this plant is showing sex . first minor pistols under the top bud . already have a lady . fem seeds for the win.

all 5 of my bag seeds are tall . taller then any of my name brand strains. clean internode spacing. nice leaves . no sign of sex . smelly as well . hopefully they turn out something cause anything for free is better then nothing !

temps have been beetween 70-80 rh 40-50. really have everything dialled in decent now. i added another fan and a vent fan to the box and it really helped with the temps .

also .to be honest i noticed that i messed up this time sorta. schultz snuck some added nutes into the normal brand of soil i use without really changing the bag. i diddnt notice untill i seen soil going yellow on top and plants coming up mutated. all but the one i threw away and i was sure to flush the soild veryyy well in the cups before adding the good seeds. i did this as a precaution lol and i got lucky.

the first 6 plants are going to go into a trough style dwc with individual feeder tubes under dual 400W MH very soon.here is a messy child like diagram lol .

just untill there roots drop " lol" .tubes will run 4 times a day . havent decided the legnth yet. any tips on starter schedules would be greatly appreciated. i dont want to drown them.

also . looking at air pumps . theres one at the hydro store i can have shipped for around 140.is has 8 outputs right off the pump. or i can get the biggest one the local fish tank has which is supposedly good for 160-300 gallons at 18 inches for 7 stones . couldent find a wattage on it but running a setup off that would save me some money. air is air right ? this is mostly just for the 6 pot trough. i want individual pumps for 5 gallon buckets incase of failure.

then individual 5 gallons . im waiting on free 5 gallon buckets instead of paying 6.99 each lol . debating spending 15 each and getting coolers to help with individual res temps as ive read that as a idea but i think it could also work against me if i needed to cool the buckets down. i might buy one or two.

deciding on a sealed vs vented grow room right now as well . step by step its coming together .

ALSO trying to decide where/what HPS light to buy .it will most likely be a 1000W. badass ballasts by advanced look decent but i havent done much user research just articles ive read . but i KNOW i dont want conversion bulbs after talking to my hydro supplier lol .

one more thing for anyone who made it this far . where can i order some vegitables . namely ghost pepper or sweet foreign tomatoes of some sort .

as always . questions or comments are welcome .thanks for reading !

p.s. theese have grown on nothing but my 300w homemade LED "see my other threads" . there short there bushy and i think its safe to say this light does its job !


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built my grow room . dimension are 9 feet by 8 feet wide and 8 feet tall . should make for some nice sized christmas trees in the long run " im actually hoping to use 1 mother as a christmas tree next winter if i can get it big enough lol" anyways .i have 1/4 inch rubber mats on the floor to protect the carpet and doubled layered plastic all around the room . first clear then black and white . roof is lined with mylar and i have a piece of mylar taped to the chains for a makeshift reflector untill i can pick some real ones up . 2 fans one small 4 inch intake blowing on the table and one 8 inch exhaust venting back to the room the box is built inside . then out the rooms window. im hoping to seal this all off in the long run with ac a de humidifer and co2 injection . 1 step at a time.

dwc was a no go for now as i couldn't find a strong enough air pump local and ive been having trouble ordering off the net as well .i just use my one big fluval air pump in my drip feed res to add air .

here is a few pics .

plants have been in for 3 days now . these pics are the day after i put them in . leaves are starting to perk up now . the plants were all looking a bit yellow/light green as i diddnt give them nutes for almost 2 weeks . there all coming back to there deep green now .

not sure on the size of my res but my ppms are at 400 right now. i just check and add till i reach my desired ppm. not sure on ph yet but the pen is in the mail right now . ill probably start ramping it up in a week once roots hit the water.

i have the drip feeding schedule on for 8 times a day for a half hour. i was only going to do 6 times for 15 minutes but the HID lights dry my hydroton out super quick so i upped the cycle. i will play with it a bit as i learn more about the system but for now the plants look happy. the remaing plants will go into dwc buckets when i find a air pump . plants are under 2 400w MH right now.

o not pictured but i also re potted 2 for mothers " og kush dinafem and mama mia" there in 12 inch passive hydroponic pots using the wicking method. they will hopefully live long plentiful lives and produce lots of clones for l8er projects :) .

o and the small seedling in the hydro pot is a seed i found in a pack of purple kush . hoping it grows as good as the stuff it came from !

as always , comments and questions are welcome!


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added another small 4 inch intake fan. temps were a bit higher then i like, 80-85. i also changed my feeding schedule to once ever t hours for a half hour. i feel this is the perfect amount of time for the hydroton to dry out as well as a long enough watering time to fully soak the hydroton .

i allready have roots coming out of pots . nice white ones :). local store is still out of the smaller net pots . and i need to find a industrial air pump lol .

i have a 45w 10 inch exhaust fan ill be hooking up above the lights soon . that should pull some hot air up and out.

im also going to pick up a piece of Styrofoam and cut it to the odd shape of the door to muffle the sound.the fans are becoming annoying lol.


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i like doing these grow journals as much as i like growing ! lol . i love being able to look back and see how everything progressed .

row of pots are as follows .

first row - bag seed - og kush FIM topped - bag seed

bag seed in the hydro pot ,tall bag seed , another bag seed hydro pot .everest bud in the soil pot and another mama mia in the last hydro pot.

last row-hydro bag seed, mutatant bag seed , mama mia hydro , og kush hydro

right side top to bottom - og kush soil "mother" , mama mia soil "mother" , bag seed DWC .

after looking at some vids on the net i think i expect alot more bubbles then there are supposed to be . this is a test pot .will see how it goes . this is about 14 hrs after transplant.

which i may add , almost no shock from going to drip feed from soil . plants were extremely .root bound in the soil cups . i simply washed them off in room temp water i let sit for 24 hours . layed a small layer of hydroton down . layed the roots in the basket covered with hydroton and began the dripp feed .

still doing once every 2 hours for a half hour . plants look happy . all my food leaves are reaching straight up . dark greens are coming back in most plants. i can see new roots already . cant wait to see these things at 6 feet tall !

o and if your wondering why the air pump is hanging with a hose its because it sounds like a dryer in my living room when i put it on anything lol .very annoying!

comments questions always welcome !


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Quick reply , just picked up my ph meter after fighting with the shipping company for half the day.ph was at 8.4 . . . Ouch . Made the newbie mistake of bringing the ph down to 5.4 within about a hour . Bubble bucket wAs also 8.0 . Also brought it down fast there too . Hopefully they are ok . Soils are doin good too .

Ide like to say mama mia has some of the nicest node structuring ive ever seen . I need to make a aeroponic cloner asap as theese plants are devloping cuttings everywhere .

Everest bud is really catching up in size .

The g13 Ww is pulling through ! Pretty happy about this .

Really seeing the difference in the quality nutes vs say "prod grow"at the local stores here .

Ill post some pics again soon . I will probably do a res change within the next week too .


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long time no update! everything is REALLLY coming together ! i cannot WAIT to flower someof theese plants out!

here are some update pics :)

first off . i picked up a botanicare 25 site cloner , added a airstone and now its a power cloner . ive ahd it running for about 10 days in these pics . roots are developing a bit slower then i hoped but there still coming so thats all i really cared about . i was told roots in 7 days and im at 10 with what you see . im using a foilar spray of phd water and piranha when i mist . plants seem to wake right up every time i do . they are still at 100% humidity and around 90 for temp . theres no way i can get the res temp lower then the room temp the unit is just to small .

next is my veg room :) its about 14 feet by 10 feet .vented setup , double sealed wuth clear as well as black/white plastic . RH is around 50 " i need another humidifier my one at 100% cant keep up " temp is around 80 . i keep it pretty dialled in.

one plant . g13 white widow fem , diddnt like the soil at all . i put it into hydro and its slowly catching up . here is a pic of the lower leaves . might have over nuted when it was younger but if i did it was weak in comparison to the rest of the plants as they all got the same treatment . i will know this next time for the clones . keep the nute soloution weak on g13 ww ! lol .

my favorite strain so far has to be the mama mia . i cannot believe how bushy the one plant is getting . the og kush is looking nice to . honestly none of them compare to my bag seed plants though . i cannot believe how thick some of them are . this is aproxx a 3 month veg to this point . plants are beetween 1 1/2 feet to 2 feet tall .

flower room :D
finally picked up my HPS . i also picked up a 8500 BTU ac unit / dehumidifer . it keeps the room in PERFECT conditions imo . 20-30% rh and right around 80 most of the time . flower room is 8 feet by 8 feet by 9 feet . once again i keep this dialled in and check it as much as possible. two plants in here right now . a bag seed and a white widow mother i was given from a friend. its seen better days and probably almost a year old . was used for clones . im going to flower it out as he was just going to throw it away. hoping the giant root mass will produce some decent bud lol .

ill be veging these plants to almost 5 feet . and in flower the will hopefully be 7 foot monsters .im hoping for BIG buds this time around. i wanna win that nug of the month contest :D .

when the clones out grow the power cloner ill drop them all in individual 5 gallon buckets . they are all my name brand strains . my soil mothers have probably 20 possible clones i could take to promote growth so really for once im just waiting for everything to grow out :) . checkin my ph's and adding nutes/water as needed .

i WILL not be going back to soil after seeing the difference hydroponics can produce .my soil plants are just over a foot tall " minus the mothers" if anything they are root bound in there small pots. reguardless i will be moving them over to DWC shortly . i have found there is ZERO transplant shock when going from soil to dwc so long as you water the roots atleast 4 times a day till they hit the water . i moved all of my plants from soild to DWC and i diddnt loose ANY . most roots droped within 5 days .

all of my hydro pots are at about 1000ppms +5ml of piranha right now . i feed the soil 1200 ppm + 5 ml of piranha "i do not factor piranha into my ppm" the last time i fed them and seen no nute burn .

as always questions and comments are welcome ! thanks everyone for all the help ! i couldn't of done this without 420 forums !


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another update this time with some pics :) im really making my first grow look newb now i must say !

first ill start with clones . first 25 are out . 3 died in the machine " to small of a clone" and one more is dying now for about 20/25 . if they all shoot up ill be super happy . i have them in solo cups and i will be vegging them in this style untill they are big enough for dwc. then dropping them into hydro . it slows my whole cycle down by adding a extra step which i need right now while my first ladies flower.

one 6500k cfl and one 5100k cfl . 13/60w around 1800 lumens

next in the veg room . theese plants are all going to be monsters when i do flower them thats forsure !

g13 white widow . slowest growing plant i have.

og kush hydro vs soil . im amazed by the differences.

og kush soil FIM topped. and this is why ill never grow in soil again .compared to my hydro FIM its 1/3 the size ... hydro for the win.

next is flower room . starting to see all the little bud sights :) the mama mia has only been in the room a week and it is already producing visible crystal on the middle stalk . starting to see it around the bigger bag seed plant too . rh and temp is 100% always the same during the day and drops about 10 degrees in the night. i measure it at the top of the room as well as the bottom .i reallly wanna get them nice buds !

bottom rh / temp

top rh/temp

the flowering plants drink on average 4l of water each a day . wow . this is a 8 hours a day setup. theres always something more i can do . phing buckets , checking nutes , trimming . something. cant wait so see my first crop and then the monster one to follow!

i also ordered some new seeds last week . barneys farms violator kush will be the next mother i add to my family :) .
im going to be picking up a 220V to 120 volt power board to stop using plug ins and make this all a little bit safer .

i was also debating adding another 1000w hps light to my flower room to realllllllly try and get them big buds . my room is built 1 foot small of the average specs for a 1000w hps so im not really sure if i would see that much of a gain by adding another 150000 lumen's . if anyone can chime in on this ide greatly appreciate it.

im almost out of my first line of nutes too. ill be sticking with advanced but next time im picking up there ph perfect line . hopefully my ph wont drop as much when i add nutes or over the course of a day or two. ill also be picking up some additives.

new veg light/bulbs .
this is my 5th or 6th grow on the one bulb and probably my 3rd on the newer one . im going to be replacing both . now do i spend the money on 2 new high quality 400w MH bulbs or should i just pick up a 1000W mh for dedicated veg and get the bulbs later and use them as vertical lighting for now . im at 1050w for veg power right now beetween the 2 mh and the dual 125w cfls ...2050 watts... thats alot of veg power lol .

o and i gave my LED to a friend to try for a while " few months" so i wont be using that again for a few months .

also , power bill is in . 84 dollars a month. 1000w hps is on 12/12 and i veg on 24/0 . peanuts :)

as always questions or comments welcome :)


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pic updates :) i apolgize for the sideways pics lol . sometimes i forget to fix before i upload.

first the clones and my veg room

all growing along very nicely . cups are pretty much root bound within a week lol. i think its safe to say i can drop the clones right into a dwc out of the cloner no problem .

here are my mothers .

g13 white widow catching up nicely . i am going to veg the SHIT out of this plant .

og kush hydro . looking verrrry nice. this thing is 4 feet tall without the pot.

bag seed looking nice and bushy .

another mama mia

and heres a garden shot

now for some night time flower room bud site shots :)

i also moved all of my soil up stairs to flower out . its to much work to do both and i find hydro MUCH easier to do and maintain and soil more of a pain in my ass lol .

comment as questions always welcomed . always looking to learn and improve !

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How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info! :1:

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read the photo gallery tutorial:
Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos

I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world.

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine.


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sadly , this crop was hit by a flood right in the last couple weeks of flowering . they made it to about 7- 8 weeks . i attempted to move them but i started seeing signs of herms a few days l8er and decided to pull the whole crop except the mothers. which are now 4 days into flowering and look like they will be MASSIVE . going to start a new journal as this one is pretty much over now .

i managed to pull about a lb off all the flowering plants . probably 4-8 grams of oil off the trimmings and OG kush clones for my next grow.
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