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Soil Vs Hydroponics


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HEy People,
I Just found a 400w MH light, so thats cool. The question I have is; should I just grow in soil or go for the hydroponics. For the hydroponics I would have to order nutrients, medium, and cubes. I already have the rest I need for the hydroponics. I got soil, but is hydroponics that much better.
This would be my second grow. I tried hydroponics the first time but didn't have adequate lighting, or the right nutrients. What kind of nuts. do you use for soil growing? Would I have to order nuts for soil as well. I have my seeds germin so I just wanted to decide. Thank You, any help would be great.


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Dont mean to jack. But how many grows should someone have under there belt befor they think about doing a hydro setup? :allgood:

DankBuds :rasta:


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No problem, good question :3:
I plan to use (Aeroponics) for clones on the next farm.

Not because I think I've got enough grows to graduate
from what I have seen and studied,
it will work Best for me in that useage.

Since there are 7 different types of systems/methods
This is what I know will work Best for me.

There are a lot of things to consider and
availability without exposure is what I look at the Hardest.

Really doesn't answer your question but I hope it gets Ya' thinking.
is what works best for you with what you have,
without exposing yourself.

Are the Hydro shops in your area under survaillance?
I bet the hardware stores aren't :3:


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I've got a few grows under my belt now, all soil, and i can not even get close to what i see with hydro. I think i will do a dwc on my next grow and see if it makes a big difference, i hope it will.


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Hey People,
Well my first grow was hydroponics and everything turned out. It's just I didn't have the right Light or nuts. Now that I have a 400w MH light should i just do the hydro setup again. I'm sure i'll get it to turn out this time, its just the hassle and money issue. What quality bud will I have with soil Vs. hydroponics, is it worth ordering the nuts, medium, and cubes?
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