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if you have a choice...
Fox Farm Ocean Forest.
i just used some for the first time and its pretty easy to see the plants like it a lot.

Miracle Grow should be a last resort =)

maybe you can make a list of what soils are available to you, if looking for recommendation.


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I have used Biobizz Allmix in the past and had some good results.. but this time I'm giving Plagron Royalty Mix a go (with some perlite i added of my own)..
Will let u know how i get on..



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I am using bio allmix this year for the first time,
Would it be better if I added some more perlite or leave the mixture alone?


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I recommend Pro-Mix Seed and Clone. Availible at Agway and other garden stores this mix is comprised mostly of peat, which allows for good root arreation and penetration. The nice part is they have already added the lime for you (to combat pH fluctuation). Just add some perlite, vermiculite, and a dry fertilizer (I like bat guano or Rainbow Mix) and you are good to grow. :peace:
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