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Is having alot of Clay good or Bad for MJ plants,& What can some1 do to make the Soil more Fertile w/o having to Fertilize plants everyday??

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In this link, down the page you will see these questions addressed, it will give you a lot of info to decide what you think is best. Then when you narrow it down, we can all jump in and help out :)

OutDoor Growing

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Do I Need Fertilizer?
What are Some Different Fertilizers?
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When are Average First and Last Frost in the U.S. and Canada?
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OutDoor Pest Control
How Can I Control Pests Outdoors?
How Can I Control Normal Ants and White Ants Outdoors?
How Can I Control Caterpillars?
How Do I Protect my Outdoor Grow from Deer?
How Do I Deal with Bears?


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