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Soiless vs soil


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hello, i have grown in soil for my past few grows and had great success but i would like to try a soil less mix, but have read good and bad things about it, today i went out and purchased sphagnum peat moss vermiculite and perlite aswell as dolomite lime and fish blood and bone npk of 5 6 5 or sorta round that range, the nutes i have are, chemical nutes npk of 19 - 19 - 19 and bio bizz grow and bloom, so pretty much set up yeah???

but i have herd that with soiless mix trace minerals are a problem altho in my chem nutes they have trace minerals, the seeds im germinating now are aurora indica (love my indica) i have 5 fem seeds and plan to grow and flower 4 and keep one as a mummy, i do like growing in soil but i would like to keep my learning curve going more and more.

and suggestion about a good soil less mix with what i have bought or mayb others.

would you suggest i stay with soil (Westlands m/p with added john innes) or a clean slate with soil less

any help would be great thank you =D

Droopy Dog

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Well, ditch the vermiculite, or save it for a seed starter mix. The peat will retain more than enough moisture on its own.

Get some kelp meal to finish off the N-P-K. It also has lots of trace.

I also add AZOMITE to my mix for both trace and minerals. Good stuff, google it. A to Z Of Minerals Including Trace Elements, how they got the name. Comes from Utah.

I make a peat based mix, which I call soil once the Earth Worm Castings go in there and treat it as soil.

Google LC's Soiless Mix for a decent recipe.

What is this 'soil' you mentioned? Westlands & added ???. Is it a bagged mix or ????

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