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Soils come with salts in them?

I am wondering if soil comes with salts in the in particular fox farms strawberry fields. I am starting to see granules that appear to be consistent like salt. I thought it was sand but when adding water to it , it slowly dissolves. Idk the affect od salt in plants but quiet frankl I just simply dont like it. Any information on it?


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Ingredients are: 35-45% coco fibre, sphagnum peat moss, aged forest products, perlite, fertilizer (0.5-0.3-0.3, from earthworm castings, bat guano, oyster shell and dolomite lime) and mycorrhizae.

So... No.

Edit: Well, unless there's something like nitrates in the bat shit.


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I did do some searching for information on this product. Seems like it might be pretty hot (more so than Ocean Forest), but not consistently so. If you have several bags, you might want to mix them all together (thoroughly) so as to not end up with some containers that are hotter than others.

Multiple reports of seedlings and relatively young plants getting burned without the addition of extra nutrients, and speculation that it should only be used for the following phase. Also some speculation that this might be due to the gardeners' watering habits.

Speculation that the coco coir used in it may not be properly rinsed/prepped before product is dumped into the bags, too.

Basically, the reports are all over the place for this stuff. About a quarter of the reports that I just read were actually positive, lol.
Yeah the info I was reading was all over the place my plants were just up potted and I stafted to notice it after aboit 4 waterings . it got me stumped I have grown for years and ive never came across this until now.


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I hope your plants make it. Please keep us informed.
Thanks I will. They are a lol droopie but a day or so I'll give cal mag and see what I can do. The last thing I wana do is change pots and soil again so close to the first up pot
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