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Solis Tek 1000watt ballast noise question

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I recently purchased a solis tek 1000 watt ballast. Shortly after I plug it in, and it strikes the lamp, it starts to emit an alternating high to low pitch. It is not very loud but certainly audible. I have tested it in different locations and circuits that can handle the load, and even at another house and it still makes the same noise.

The shop where I purchased it from said this was normal, even though I have read that electronic ballasts are supposed to be completely silent.

My question is to anyone else who is using the same ballast. Do you also experience these noises , and are they normal ?
I have the 600 watt ballast and it will make the noise rarely and only lasts for a maximum 10 seconds then stops and I do not hear it again for 2 weeks or more.
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Good to know that someone else has experienced it as well, but it doesn't settle well in my mind. Still making the noise. Big investment you know.
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So, after discovering that my Solis-Tek ballast had been broadcasting RF on Am radio in a 200 meter radius, not to mention also getting the same noise and feedback through other electronics with a power supply in the household, I returned the ballast.

I exchanged it for a Quantum 1000w dimmable. The Quantum has a fan, as where the Solis-Tek did not. The Quantum also is not able to switch wattage settings like the Solis-Tek can. It can only reduce lumen output. So I can not use 600 watt, or 400 watt metal halide for veg. The Solis-Tek was better packed and seamed like it was built more durable, but it was not wrapped in anti static plastic.

I am no longer experiencing any noise through Am or other electronics using the Quantum.