Solo Cup Comp: Bring It!


I effin love it!! Everything from Sylvester/Tweety jar, skull and all the nifty containers....the irony growing in the iso container!
This site and community rocks! This thread, definitely better than the eye candy, I love the innovation, ingenuity, humor and originality
that everyone brings to the table.
Definitely great community involvement.
THE MINI DWC! (I gotta go back and find/follow you.....and watch your videos....)
GENIUS idea with the Can-abis all-in-one, that's gold right there my friend. Get on that!
I'm sub'n just to watch the fun unfold, how things pan out.
Wish I woulda been around to get in on this, BUT the next one.... I'll be in on it...
DWC style ("I get nothin but dirty with soil")

I have one survivor in flower; lifted by a crate, closer to the light.


Some dried nug. shots from my first ever solo cup Jilly Bean grow. :blunt:






Thanks CaneyeBus. ;) do you mean the little Ace mix plant that looks like a Christmas tree? That one's becoming my favorite.
Golfer, no I haven't trimmed or trained anything on these plants. Two or three lower fans have died and fallen off over time- that's about it. :thumb:
I see I mixed up my naming of the Ace mixes in the photos - so the one I called Ace 1 -clearly says Ace 2 on the label in the pot, in the first pic. Now I'm going to have to rearrange the labels so it makes sense.. Wouldn't want to confuse you guys...
Yeah she's pretty cute - and seems to just get more interesting each week. I haven't yet got a good picture of her lower buds. They're like little pointy torpedoes arranged around the base of the main spike.
well, the challenge is done,, met, over, kaput,, ripe,, and what a fine challenge it was,, cheers and great job, :bravo: to each and every participant,,


my sleemans lemon haze is in the can,, no, wait,, it's out of the can, hangin up and dried already,,


sweet smelling bud, picked perhaps a bit early,, necessary evil, but lovely indeed,,

cheers marz

and a hats off to Weaselcracker and colamonster,, weaseley for his creativity, variety, ingenuity, and something else, forget what,, oh ya, his super plants, and cola for his amazing plants,, simply amazing , quite,, simply,, wow,,:adore:

thanks folks,, lets do er again,, soon,,
my girls won't be done for a couple of weeks. my trichs are still mostly clear. went a little ocd on the girls and cut them back too far:oops: and they took a while to recover. but they are looking very cute in their mini state and i've learned alot from this grow and watching you all:nicethread: these are the bubblicious clones
and this is the purple haze
i love the color of this one. i have one in the veg closet now and i can see what i have to look forward too:drool:
You got a great set up going with your plants and getting good results too. Are you going to scale up?

Thanks DeanB. Hmmm... Well- I think I'll just use it for smallish plants for a while- and if I trust it I'll grow some bigger plants on it and/or use it for a vacation watering system for my whole grow. I hadn't really expected it to work out as well as it has so far.
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