Solo Cup Comp: Bring It!

Ain't too high to solo. Ain't too low to micro.

Mini-Micro-Solo Open Grow- Welcome, yo!

'Roots of agony'
Marzbadrock's ongoing thread of hardcore bondage and confinement

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-All welcome. See the imprisoned midgets!

' Solo only- I might die ' ~





The Solo Cup
maybe,, 'the half gallon challenge'

Indeed, I use solo cups for all my seedlings and clones. When I see roots coming out of the holes drilled into the solo cups, I "up-pot" to white milk jugs, and when they become root filled, up-pot into a 5 gal container or her final growing place. At around 6 weeks, everything in a solo cup starts looking sad, begging to be root unrestricted.

I messed up trying to be funny early in the solo cup grow, and used a container that was less than Politically Correct. I had to transplant so I could take a picture, but that just about killed her. She returned to moderate health after a root trim, but later died of suffocation!

Best Of Buds


Just cut my Afghan freebie...

I'm looking forward to trying this again. Definitely need to set up a automated feeding system! Here is my catastrophe!



Seriously, you're going to use that title? Lol. It will attract perverts and psychopaths mainly, of course. On the other hand, who's to say that's not what we have now. I'm sure the plants would say just that- if they could talk, which they can't, thankfully. So never mind them, let's get on with the fun! :thumb:
my plants talk to me every time i touch them,, tho the language is a bit subtle, indeed,, the aromas emitted by these things when handled tell me great stories,, of massive forests of green, not reckless abandonment perhaps but slightly more chaotic than what perhaps might be considered normal, least by some,,

my gardens, inside and out are filled with the most delicious fragrances,, just lovin it,, :thanks:
~Solo cup crew~


Lemon Skunk - Quite a big heavy thing. Smells like gasoline with a hint of... rotten meat? Yum...


White Widow - Still mad.



Cheesy - She keeps getting fatter, in a good way.

Ace1 -Also quite a heavy plant though it's been hard to get a picture of the buds because the leaves are in the way. At the rate they're crisping up, soon that won't be a problem :)

Ace2 - What could possibly add to this plant's noble and majestic appearance, except...

A golden crown, perhaps?

Yes it's true! Apparently she has suddenly decided to grow this little pom-pom on her head...
No darling, of course you don't look ridiculous

I suppose I should start to think soon about when to end these plants... They've been getting fed on 420 ppm of or the last couple weeks. Looks like they're eating they're own leaves pretty fast now.
Most of them also keep growing bigger and shooting out more pistils, though.
When she was down and, oh her leaves so weary;

Then flowers came and her stems budded were;


Now she is still and waiting in the grow tent,

Until I come and sit awhile with her.


I raised her up, so she can stand on beer crates;

I raised her up, a vent cowl closer to the LED.


I am stoned, when I stare at her solo cup;

I raised her up... To increase THC.


Yes it's true! Apparently she has suddenly decided to grow this little pom-pom on her head...

Got this on one of my girls too, new pistils and flowers are stacking like your pom pom there. Is that re-flowering or does it need more time? Or just keep on keeping on, she comes down Tuesday?
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