Solo Cup Comp: Bring It!

It's hard to know, Beands. I went and looked through your journal but didn't find a picture. Great journal though!
Some plants, Sativas especially -I find in my limited experience, like to shoot up puffs and foxtails now and then. They especially like to do this latest in flowering. It's an evolutionary trick developed to fend off cannabis harvesters. With the right timing of a fresh blast of foxtails, a smart plant can throw a grower into confusion. Then- after another week- hit them with even more foxtails. This will keep them busy staring at their computer googling stuff, while the plant quickly wraps up flowering and revegs. Oops, missed the harvest window again. Damn.
Despite initial appearances, I've decided that Ace2 is a sativa. Looking through the Ace catalog I hit on the only plant that matches her appearance, which is Orient Express. Then I went and found last years email from Ace wherein they answered my question - what does 'Ace mix' mean?

"ACE Mix standard contains mainly Bangi Haze, Tikal, Guatemala, Nepal Jam and Orient Express hybrids."

Her bud looks and smells like Thai. I'm going to slice off and quick dry a tiny piece of her to smoke test, today.
Sorry this doesn't answer your question but maybe a picture- here or in your journal?
I haven't had a plant make a pom pom quite like this one before.
Go home cheesey,,, ur drunk.. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Cheesy - She keeps getting fatter, in a good way.
Thanx for checkin out the journal!
Sorry, I should have mentioned I have no pics, hideous lady's.
(don't wanna take away from the thread) but here's links to some I just snapped.
Planned to take her down next Monday, but now this week she starts throwin these things out..
(excuse the light bulb marks and signs of heat stress, if she didn't lean or grow into the bulb, the bulb would slide closer to her overnight.....Romeo and Juliette)

Joan's Top cola

Joan - side cola
She is a bit homely. I'm not sure what to say. Usually I end up ignoring the fresh growth and just compute the overall balance of finished bud.

Probably just carry on and do what you were going to do before the pom-pom grew?
Out of the 7 solo cup plants I harvested these two produced the best flowers. Enjoy!:blunt:

Jilly Bean #1:


Jilly Bean #2:


here is what i ended up with after cracking open the Can O' Whoop ass. And I can't give a smoke report because this stuff smells like it was grown in toxic waste. Lol
The inside of the can was so rusted there is no way I'm smoking this stuff. Thank you all for participating in this, it has been a blast. Headed over to roots of agony now to see if I want to torture another plant bwahahahaha!
I've been looking at that poor plant and I think it's just plain sick of the pot and that soil and if you keep chasing it may it and transplant it can grow another. .think your driving your self nuts with it.
Transplant it
Give her some love. .LoL:circle-of-love:

Big thank you to everyone on this thread and helping me through my issues with the Jack Herer over a month ago :thanks:

Special shout out to old school for the motivation to transplant her. :theband:

The plants grown on this thread are amazing. I'd take Cola Monster's solo cup over this 3gal pot:passitleft:

These pics show how resilient these plants are! I wasn't sure I was going to end up with much of a harvest but I'm very happy with how this has turned out.:Namaste:


I dragged my solo cup flower collection out into the yard for a few photos. Sorry my camera is crappy and it was getting dim out. My plan was to harvest them all on 4/20 which is actually the only day I have time, but I found nanners on the lemon skunk late last night, so I trimmed her up- then I hallucinated, I think, more nanners on Ace 2 so I trimmed her too, which took me well last 4:20 am. I'll harvest the rest on 4/20.


Lemon Skunk

White Widow

Ace 1

Ace 2. The ugly duckling starts to look like a flower after all.




❤️Cheesy ❤️

That's probably it for me for updates, unless I see anything interesting to photograph at harvest.

All the best to all of you, fellow veterans of the solo cup grow! :thumb:
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