Solo Cup Comp: Bring It!

Beautiful old growth weaseley,, fits right into the landscape,, well done friend,,
Re: The Great 4/20 Smokathon of 2016!

Happy 4/20 :cheer: Day 40 of flower :circle-of-love:


i think i now hold the record for how many times you can kill a plant :rofl: mine made it.. though i'm not sure where the pics are atm. i think if i weighed it would ring in around a whopping 1.5-2 g :) i put it into 48-72 dark and the mites got it ugh! so hash now. i'll try and find the pics soon lol. it's pretty ugly tho. maybe better not to show. so many of you have done some amazing work here! i don't think i have ever had so much fun killing a clone like 17 times :laughtwo:

well i declare,,,,,,, you declare???:scratchinghead:
well i declare,,,,,,, you declare???:scratchinghead:

Flowers? For me? Was Marz Ventura talking in his sleep? :scratchinghead:

Entry for this competition will be open until February 1st 2016 and will end April 20th 2016.

Competition will be judged on 3 different criteria

1) final dry weight

2) best of show

3) most unique container
Yes I declared, voiced, announced, stated who I think won. I had stated a couple pages back that we should just say we all winners and move on to the next fun thing but nobody seemed to like that idea. I asked for suggestions on how we should replies. I only saw 1 post with a "vote" I was simply trying to get some closure for this thread and picked the 3 I thought were done the best. I think the can o whoop ass was fitting for this "contest" and should get it for unique container. I went through the journal from page 1 to the end, we had some failures and success but I don't think all have harvested and posted final weight so it hard to know who had the most off a plant. If anybody was offended, upset, or just pissed i sincerly apologize but this thread should have just been for fun and never labeled as a comp. With that being said feel free to discuss who won, my opinion has been "declared" and I look forward to seeing you over in roots of agony. I hope everyone enjoyed this thread as much as I did. Have a safe n happy day!
It's all just for jollys (for me). :thumb:
We are all weaners, all good
78 days from seed, day 44 of flower :cheer:


She is starting to acquire an aroma of old socks and tropical fruit. I can't stop sniffing her calyxes...


Reminds me of my Cheese IBL that hermied and pollinated a pineapple C99.

I'm calling this "Cheese 99" when I reveg her :yummy: No Wieners here!
Just thought I would post the yields of my solo cups for the sake of science. Not much of a yield junkie myself but thought it might be interesting to know what these little containers produced.

Ace 2 was the least- very light and fluffy sativa bud- 16.2 grams
Lemon Skunk - 21.4
Ace 1 - 23.4
Critical Cheese- 34.3 (and I left the lower buds on the plant for the reveg attempt)


All the best to you guys. :high-five: this has been great. Thanks again to Marzbadrock for this very fun and interesting thread. I'll make it over to the new thread when I get a bit more time and operating room in life. Happy growing. :thumb:
Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

Please head over to the 420 Strain Reviews forum and post your smoke report there too.

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Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

i think i now hold the record for how many times you can kill a plant

I'm guessing that we're all tied with "once" :rolleyes: .

I just saw that GeOMaTTiC is wanting to get another one of these Solo cup community grow threads started, so I thought I'd dig up a couple of the old ones and post the information/link in case anyone is still subscribed to them. You know what they say, the more the merrier (unless it's your honeymoon ;) ).

As of right now, it looks like the only requirements are some kind of Solo cup, any autoflowering strain, no DWC, no other restrictions. Thread is here:
4-20 Solo Cup Auto Challenge
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