Solo Cup Competition: No Prizes, Just Some Fun!

Can I join in just for fun? She's a clone that someone was supposed to come get from me. I've always wanted to try the solo cup challenge so I thought, why not?!? I know it says no clones, but I really just wanted to follow along too for advice and what not. Here she is. ItJust put her in a cup today.
Alright everyone.....As the title says, Solo Cup Competition. There will be NO PRIZES AWARDED! However, the reward is some flower to smoke and some fun with learning along the way. Rules are very simple....start it in a Solo cup.....finish it in a Solo cup. Most standard cups are 16oz and can be found basically at any Dollar store around you. I am not starting the grow as of yet as I want to allow other members some time to prepare or join. Below I'll post the rules and I am sure they are straight forward and very easy.

1. Solo Cups ONLY
2. Update with picture at least once a week
3. Allow entered members to decide on a flip date for all growers entered
4. No clones. Must be started from seed.
5. If you do decide to enter....please provide strain name AND your grow info *Example* ( White Widow, Fox Farm Soil and Nutrients, Mars-Hydro Sp-250 )
6. Keep it fun and friendly

That is all I have for now...Like I said, I want to allow a few days before starting this up to allow other time to join and prepare. Below is a picture of one of my old Solo cup grows.
How have I missed this!

Oh. My. God!

I‘m super impressed, and know this, if I did have a prize, you’d win it!

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