Solo Grow Challenge 2014 - Preparation Thread


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So a few of us seemed interested in doing this so let's see if anyone else is interested.

Name of the game is to fully flower a clone in a solo cup and see who gets what for harvests. No prizes or nothing, just a friendly competition. Here are some rules I thought we should consider, if anyone thinks I should add or modify any of these rules feel free to comment.

1. Plant must be flowered in no bigger then a 18 oz square solo cup.
2. Seed people will get 2 weeks head start. Clone people cut clones 2 weeks after seed people.
3. Each user is allowed any amount of entries.

If your interested post saying you are and I'll add you to the list of users.
I'm thinking we will get started Oct 1st, for people wanting to use seed. And the 14th for clone people. Then flowering will begin on November 1st. Give people time to prepare.

Does that sound right? Any objections or question?
lol I dont know lol guess I got a while to think about which one of my many to try...Im thinking I might have a BLZ bud ready to clone by then....

You do have quite the selection. Interesting to see what everyone will do and the wide variety of strains we will get to see.
Still on track for seed people on the first!
Clones won't be planted till the 14th.
Pretty sure that's how I've seen solo contests. We will find out. If it don't work I'll adjust times to make it work next time.

I take it no one else has any objections to the rules? Does anyone have any rules we should add? Or are we set?
Alright, sounds good stumped! I'm either going to clone a wwxbb or ice kush, I guess I have time to choose lol. Going to be throwing it in a DIY ebb and flow setup I have going.

Diy ebb and flow? I just said everything must be contained in the solo cup bro lol its pretty much THE only rule hahha
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