Solo Grow Challenge 2014

I've got a plant running for the hell of it while Peyton's finishes up. His will probably finish a week or two ahead of mine though we certainly don't have to wait after Peyton is done since my plant was for fun and my entries are already in.
Silver kush. 11.3 grams


Mtk1 was 12.7, she was my biggest, sorry i cant track the pic down but she was not the biggest in the comp so im just going for style points, best looking. Anyways good luck everyone, cant wait to hear results n start another one!
Anyone fancy going through the 100's of pictures in my gallery to find the solo pics? Nah, me neither :)

What happened to the judges? Got bored & fcuked off?

Hey now. I'm still here. Don't know about the others yet. I'm sure Wild Jim will be around soon & LA is around as well.
Stumped said he'll get getting online this week, but no promises. His shop is doing very well, keeping him busy. But he does miss all of ya and the daily banter. In 2 weeks my final airpot solo gets cut down, so you guys go ahead and get the next one planned and ready
Looks real nice PM :high-five:
I dont think there is a need to dig through pictures and try and remember wieghts of my plants.I know they were all ugliest and wieghed light and one had no use but as a filler to spread out the other 2. SO I will pretty much withdraw them ,unless there is a Boobie Prize??j/k My first harvest since then is just around the corner and looking good for me and also the start of a perptual harvest /grow I have set up on 4 different strains.
It weighed out to 7 grams dry, so I was surprised. From its original size I figured it would have given 1 or 2 grams. I don't know if anyone still has any going, but if not then I guess that's it guys.
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