Solo Grow Challenge 2014

Oh we're supposed to sent a pic to one of the judges? I didn't realize that until now. Just sent one to wj. GL all!
I hope nobody's waiting for me again. I said I would be back with dry weight but I didn't bother weighing it. It was some wierd smoke, probably harvested a month too early, but it got me really high but a clear high, inspirational, and it gave me a confidence boost I really enjoyed. Did the "I am Richard Ashcroft from Verve walk down the streets" couple of times with Oasis on full blast in the headphones. Yeah, good times. It is gone now and I am back to smoking indica dom which I find to be too heavy at the moment but water yer gona der.
While we wait for the judges, we can take a look at the ShitznGigglez cup.

I will preface this by saying how lucky you all are I didn't have this strain officially in the contest. Also that I am incapable of taking better pictures :laughtwo: She's wicked pretty and super frosty.

Mt. Hood Magic
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