Solo Grow Challenge 2014

Shitzngiggles clone got the chop last night. 7.something grams wet I think it will dry up to 2-3 grams. Not much, but I am really looking forward to burning this plant down.

Yeah, i think he emailed me shortly after Xmas to catch me up on his grows and business, but nothing since then. I'm hoping his business will smooth out and he'll come back to us someday
My problem is that I only got like 4 people send me their pics etc. Ill fly through all the pages tomorrow andget in touch with the other judges!

Same here. I'd hoped more would come, but I've decided based on those 4.
Same here. I'd hoped more would come, but I've decided based on those 4.

PM me your thoughts and your choices if you would Cajun buddy.


For anyone that wanted to have your entry judged, according to rules set down by Stumped and agreed to by all participants, so we need dry weights and final photos PM'd to the judges. Make sure photos show the solo cup/pot or say modified or non-modified cup or pot. We have four entrants, with some of them only sending their photos without dry weights.

Skunnymonster posted his photos for his entry. The photos include dry weights on scale. How about PMing those pictures to the judges Skunnymonster?

Now that I think about it the dry weight is in my final photos. :laughtwo::bong:


Nope, just checked and I sure didn't include the final weights because I was under the impression that the final weight didn't matter.

I can PM these too but I'll start by posting here.
Final Weights are in for T-Boz and Left Eye.


Left Eye

Alrighty then,

The final weight for the Doobe Tube is in.

I believe the weight was to have no bearing on the final judgement. Still, I'll dig through and see if I can find the weights.

I clipped what's below from the first page. How do you spell ambiguous?

*** judging will be based on appearance only, for all classes and judges. size of plant or final weight has no bearing on this part of the contest. and this portion will be judged after all final before chop pictures are submitted.
also judges will have the authority to disqualify you if your not following the guidelines or rules.

judges will be
Light Addict

winners in both category's will be divided into 2 sections. a winner for heaviest dry weight. and a winner decided by our 3 judges of overall appearance. in both classes. ***

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