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Solocups First Aero Grow!


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I had to removed some of the worse leaves today that were affected by the mag difficiency.

I changed the nutrients and I think I am going to stick with gh flora duo and add magical and awesome blossoms in place of kool bloom



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The pic is upside down from my phone. The pic is down so I'm stuck using mobile web for now. I think the pictures are better than my regular camera though.atleast they look that way on here:)


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Nice looking scrog my friend. Amazing the growth rate you have going on there :)


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Ok heres what I think could be the problem:

1.2 weeks before I noticed the leaves changing I had put too much ph down and my ph was around 4.5 for a half hour!

2. I have a wing type reflector and my temp sensor was below the canopy so I know the leaves were in a high temp environment.

3. Right before the problem occurred I changed my ppm from 600 to the recommended 1200..

Things that I have done to correct the problem:

1. I make sure my ph pen is calibrated every week atleast and I am running between 5.8 and 6.2

2. I moved my light up out of the ideal zone to lower temps ( I did this today)

3.I am running a ppm of around 700 - 900 with the addition of bud candy for higher mag levels.

The plants do not look to good at this point but I hope this fixes the problem because under the screen the leaves look a lot better which is why I think its heat stress related.

I will post new pics in a week or so for comparison and if the problem gets better I will be in the clear,but if it doesn't then I will chop them down.

I think I am more stressed than the plants at this point.


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Hey Solo Happy Munchday to ya man

I gotta tell you man my ph can drop from 5.8 to 4.3 in under 36 hrs on its own it also sucks water
so I add and adjust daily
when I first started I didn't do it until I noticed one day I checked the res
I used to only ph what im putting in assuming it stayed stable in 24-48 hrs so id only ph what I add
until the day I checked the res now I just check daily and adjust as necessary
since it drink 1/2 to 1 gallon a day I have to add so I adjust through what im adding
since its not good to directly add ph up or down or any nutes concentrated directly in
I gotta be honest ive never checked ppm
I don't add nutes during the week only water and I do weekly res changes
my ph pen needs to be calibrated monthly and theres a little mark in the window if its gone I need to cal
calibration fluid aint cheap


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Well the plants are looking way better now that I adjusted everything.

On another note my pc keeps crashing so I will have to post new pictures with a phone when I get time.The phone takes better pics anyway:)

I get a case of ph4 from a grow shop that went under but I only have a half of a bottle of ph7 so checking the pen isn't too big of a deal.

I didn't know it wasn't good to add nutes/ph down directly to the rez so thanks for the tip and I will mix it into a gallon of water in the future..

I also got the clones from these into 3 liter hempy buckets.thats right 3 liter from the dollar store.The soda tasted like STTT so I dumped it and used those.I figured I could start my perpetual grow by placing on in the tents a week when my scrog is getting close to being done.That way it wont fell like waisted space.It will be a tight fitr but I am doing it anyway:)

Also started 2 chem 91x death star regular seeds.Fingers crossed on getting a female:):):) SOLO


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I have always added nutrients to jugs of water then adjusted them before putting them into the rez but I admit that I have put ph up/down
directly into it...oops:(


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I use small doses in a cup with water
Happy Thurweed day Solo :thumb:


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Oh wow! Look at them grow! Good job on all the problem solving you've done so far! Look like you will have some nice smoke soon enough! Subbed!

thanks and welcome :)

Just figured out the problem with the pc.

I think the only thing I have left to correct is the heat issue and I am getting an air cooled hood in a couple of days.

The big fan leaves looked cooked but there is no curing?

I will upload a new picture tomarrow and happy tokesday to all :):)


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STill Munchday Here Have a Good Whatever day it is :thumb:


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Oh wow! Look at them grow! Good job on all the problem solving you've done so far! Look like you will have some nice smoke soon enough! Subbed!

Thanks,they look bad right now but I should have an air cooled (cool tube) hood within 5 days.

That is the only problem I have left to fix and I hope I get an ok harvest after the heat problems and :welcome: J189RFC...
I could post another pic but it wouldn't look much different than the last one just a little more burnt...


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tomarrows the day that the cool tube is scheduled for delivery.I cant wait:)

I had to remove a lot of the fan leaves affected due to what I believe as high temps.The last 4 days I have left the door open on my tent with a fan trained on it and its looking alot better.Will update pics as soon as I get the new cool tube up.Solo


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Cool tube is up and installed.

outside tent 68*f
inside tent 74*f
rez 67 *f

I think I have the environment correct now but my yield will suffer from the heat stress.

I switched to 12/12 on September 6th and they are now 6 weeks into flower.I do not know when to count the first day as some people count at the flip and others at the first sign of pistols.Either way they look far behind.

The plant in the upper right corner is a junk pheno I know this because its mother was flowered outdoors and it didn't turn out good out there either.

These are images from a few days ago and they are looking better now but still growing slow because of all the affected fan leaves I removed.

I cant wait until my next run with all the factors under control and with the 2 new seedlings of death star x chem 91.They are regular seeds so I am hoping for a female.

I also have a clone of the good pheno to the left in the picture outside that I have been spraying with colloidial silver and it started showing mail pods a few days ago:) I sprayed the top and its only showing on a bottom branch???
Anyway I hope I am not too late to pollinate a few branches in my tent.SOLO :)


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I think my plants are @#$%...!!!

I trusted a bluelab ph pen that I was calibrating all the time and the plants just kept getting worse!
I finally went back to the gh liquid test and what was supposed to be yellow was red which is a ph of 4!

I contacted the company and they took me through all the test and come to find out it is faulty.I should have used both like I was for a while and I just got lazy with the pen which was a bad idea.

To any new growers who read this, make sure you check everything there is to check when growing over and over again if you want to be successful.This is my first and last journal as failure is a lot easier to take when no one knows about it:)

I know it would have been fine if I would had stayed with the liquid test,it wouldn't tell me the xact ph but close is better than complete nutrient lock out...and thinking its an environmental factor.

Thanks goes out to the few people here that have given me good advice.

I am still keeping the one plant alive to see if I can salvage a little out of it so I can have a false sense success in a small way

THANKS for the help:):):) SOLO
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