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Solution for nodes too close together?


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So I have a feminized Jack Herer that is in a 16 ounce Solo cup that I planted maybe 2 weeks ago. I was looking at it today and it has 4 nodes within 1 inch. Is there any easy way to make it stretch? I am either going to cull it or cut all but every 4th node or so. So at this point I am open to suggestions. It's in a tent about 18" from the light where the other plants have grown normally with appropriate node spacing. Looking for solutions besides raising the light. Thanks in advance.


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A very quick thought as follows;

Further the JH plant away from your main light source which I assume has more blue/white spectrum i.e. MH. Add another small light close to it to compensate for the distance but one with more red/yellow spectrum. The more blue/white the less stretch. Make sense?



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Dont go forgetting that they strectch on the flip to 12/12, In veg you want the nice tight nodes then when you flip it will stretch sometimes up to 3x the size.

Imagine your 4 nodes are space 3cm away from each other, before flip thats 12cm after the flip that will get spaced out. Youll see a lot of growers on here trying hard to get tight nodes. If you do want to stretch it a bit, use a flowering bulb or raise the lights. IMO id leave as is and wait for the stretch later


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First of all why do you need to space the nods? Normally people have problem with too much space between nods, closer nods if plant isnot showing any light/nute/heat stress is in noway a problem.
Remember that most strains have 2-3 phenotypes with sometimes enormous difference in height,bud weight,potency....
Your main concern shall be how to get enough light to side branches to get more yield,which can be done by using lst(poney tailing, tying,....) or hst(topping,breaking,...)
If you really insist in stretching it for esthetic reasons try adding BLUE spect to your light (absorbed by chlorophil b which is responsable for veg growth and direction of growth) and moving the light abit away from the plant.
You mentioned you have 2 plants in one chamber, you can try moving the light toward the other plant and turning the little spaced nod ones each day to stop it from streching to one side.(a quarter turn per day or two)

Hope i was able to help
Good luck with your ladies :)


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It can recover fine. These pictures are a month apart of the same plant. There are 5 nodes stacked in the first inch. It stretched significantly after that node and went nuts filling out.


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