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Solution for nutrient burn


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Hi guys,

I'm a first time grower, currently growing Jack Flash #5 in a coco/perlite 75/25 mix under an LED light. I'm 17 days into veg and have noticed a few of my plants have started developing issues: yellow spots on the lower leaves, the tips of the upper leaves curling downwards and some veiny leaves:


I think the problem is nutrient burn and specifically nitrogen toxicity. If this is the case what can I do to solve the problem? The plants have just been watered and so in these big pots it will be a few days before I the coco/perlite mix is dry and I can run through a lower nutrient solution. One thing I was thinking was to put a little plain pH'ed water through my plants to try and dilute the solution, would this work or if I do that now could it cause overwatering?

Thanks for the help guys :thumb:


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If you are going to flush do it sooner then later, even if you just watered yesterday or today. Then let dry out before feeding again, start out with half the recommended dose when you start giving nutes again.

Flush protocols for nutrient build up recommend.

5 gallon pot = 10 gallons PH adjusted water.
3 gallon pot = 6 gallons PH adjusted water.

Good luck.


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It looks like a cal/mag def. IMO so I would simply add 2ml of cal/mag to 100ml of purified water with every watering until 2 weeks before harvest.......:circle-of-love:
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