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Solution for smell?


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Totally new to this... as a matter of fact, I haven't actually started growing yet. I'm trying to get as much knowledge as I can before I try my first grow. I can keep my mouth shut, I live in the sticks, but I'm concerned about people who visit my home knowing what I'm doing from the odor. I have learned that pot plants can have a strong odor. I was wondering if a window fan sucking air out of my grow room to the outside would eliminate the odor in my house? My thought is that it should suck the air into the room from under the door and create kind of a negative pressure in that room. Is this correct or am I being overly simple? :)

Dantes Monkey

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+1 on the carbon filter. Blowing the smell out of the window might keep it out of the house (although I doubt it), but your guest will certainly smell it walking to your front door, from down your driveway, and probably from the street too. Going out the window will easily let everyone who comes within 100 yards of your house know exactly what you're up to.
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