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Solve the riddle - separate the grinder parts


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Wow. It's been a long time since I posted here at 420mag. But I have a dilemma. The other day, I was messing around with my Space Case grinder, and I somehow slid the topmost piece (the one that slides around the top and grinds the weed) onto the lowermost piece (the one that accumulates the kief). They slid together like nothing. But now, they won't come apart for anything. It is like they are cemented together. What I am left with is a small metal disk shaped like a hockey puck, made of two pieces that won't come apart. One piece is screw-threded, and one is not. I've tried boiling it, I've tried oiling it. There is not room between the pieces in which to slip a prying device at all. I am at a loss... I don't want to give up and just buy a new grinder, but it doesn't seem like they are coming apart any time soon.

I will attach a picture/diagram when it gets approved. Give me any and all ideas you can muster. Thanks!


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Ok, problem solved! Thanks for the suggestions, but I ended up getting it apart with a pair of vice grips.

...and it seems that the photo mods denied the diagram that I tried to upload. Good thing we won't be needing it now.


wow, this reminds me of my space case kief press. I tried using it to make some hash as opposed to just kief to see if there was any noticable difference. All i did differently was heat it in the oven with kief inside and then compress it more. Well the keif got soft and must have slid around the plastic pieces because they became cemented in there. I tried EVERYTHING to get them apart and eventually ended up melting the plastic pieces and throwing the damn thing away.

Wow, that is so weird. I had 2 269th posts. WTF.


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Cookieman, I have some great tips on using the Space Case pollen press.

#1. Don't put it in the oven. Once you are pressing your material, tape the creases up where the caps meet the body of the press and run it under hot water. This get the press nice and hot but not too hot.

#2. (this one is pure genius if I do say so myself) Do not put the material directly onto the press pins. Cut two small circles of clear papers the size of the pins and use these as a "liner" of sorts between the material and the pins. This will make it so no hash will stick to the pins! Just peel off the clear papers and your good.
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