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Solvent evaporation for THCA extraction


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Hello all. I hope this is in the right section.
I'm in need of info on an evaporation technique that will evaporate about a litre of grain alcohol with as bare minimum heat or no heat used

The purpose of this is to have thca extraction that I can put in gummies. I have a strain that I love the high from it, for medicinal purposes it's top notch.
The strain is a Frankenstein blue/crack/widow
I need to be able to burn off all the solvent so that I can accurately know the mg/ml concentration.
I've gotten to gummie concentrations of 25mg but I can still feel very mildly high, I want concentrations of 50-100mg daily with out getting high

I've gotten my final conclusion down to either the weed is cured to the point of partial conversion from thca to THC, it's about 3 months old stored in mason jars
Or it's the heat of 65-70*F I'm using to burn off the alcohol, colder than this and it almost doesnt want to evaporate.

The other way I haven't tried yet is using a freshly harvest plant.

But mostly if there is a no heat evaporation technique


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If you had to guess would you say it's the age of the cured weed or the amount of heat that was used that is still causing the THC effect


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Leaving it to dry is not good enough for good solvent extraction.
Look up Vacuum perging...will help you undestand.


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I'm evaporating all the solvent so that I'm left with resin/shatter/oil/grease/lol then I weight out the amount I need, resubmerge that back into everclear/ethanol to make a specific mg/ml tincture that goes into gummies. So a vacuum purge isn't really needed.
I can't go by the rough guesstimate of 16% last wash I ended up with 23.7% concentrate this is why I have to take so many steps just to make 10 & 25mg gummies
Sugar leaf trim has always hit right at 5-6%


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I was just saying evaporating the solvent isnt good enough, the rest...brilliant.!
At evaporation stage, there will small amounts of solvent trapped within the shatter that only a vaccuum purge will truely pull from the product.
I have smoked some of the best melts, shatters, budders you have ever seen, made by a group of guys that were complete mad scientists.... Purge is,king.
Im not saying you Cant do it the way you say, just that have you ever tested dor residual solvents after the extraction or the wash? You may be suprised.
Also, taste, purity will improve with vac if tainted.
I would love to try ya gummis one day.


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Lol except I'm trying to create a high THC gummie that won't get you high lol

I've got some 10mg ones that hit hard lol 30mg takes me to mental ....ummmm.......lol yah I don't know when I hit that point I'm gone

CBD I've got down there easy but it's the THCa from a few strains that will fix and help people but they don't want the high sooooo yup

My end result is to have a 2:1 concentration of Candida CBD : blue/crack/widow thca


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This thread is mostly dormant except for a post I made this morning. Skimming through the thread should give you some ideas.

This is today's post.



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Canyon, you seem to be the man.
So is it because no decarbilation has occurred to convert the THC-A to THC?
Dabbled in edibles etc few years back.


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Time and temperature are what changes THCA to THC. The molecule looses some carbon and oxygen atoms and becomes THC. The more heat, the less time it takes. CBDA to CBD works the same why. THCA and CBDA will will loose 12% of there weight when totally decarbed.

Your post #7.
"...CBD I've got down there easy but it's the THCa from a few strains that will fix and help people but they don't want the high sooooo yup

My end result is to have a 2:1 concentration of Candida CBD : blue/crack/widow thca"

My first question would be, are you having any of your flowers or concentrates tested?

Candida is listed as a 10% to 20% CBD strain and 20:1 CBD to THC. It varies seed to seed. I have bought 20:1 seeds that tested 7:1 and nothing near 20% CBD.

The Candida strain will need to be decarbed to convert the CBDA to CBD and it takes more heat and time. Also the THCA will convert to THC. The Candida THC amount may be much higher than you think. That may explain the extra strong high.

CBD can be bough mail order and can be added to concentrates to make any ratio of CBD to any combination of THCA, THC or CBD.

My wife was addicted to opioids for about ten years. I made her a mix high in CBD, CBDA, THCA and some terpene isolates with a very small amount of THC. It is hard to say how much it helped. However, I am convinced that it did help. This type of mix may be worth exploring.

I never know

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