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Some advice & help please


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can you tell me which single seed bank has best prices and promos at the minute and which haze would you recommend and the best price/ shop to goto.

do any do paypal at all?

Im thinking along the lines of arjans haze, vision silver haze and zambeza white widow x haze.
let me know if you got any experience. asap to plz.

Thanks in advance.
If you a breeder plz pm me. Im after 2 different strains, a haze and some thing else. Only pm if you got paypal and refs and will post asap.


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Have a look through the sponsor page Sponsors : 42 MAGAZINE (R) - Medical Marijuana Publication & Social Networking plenty of great seed banks there. Haze/Herbies/Gorilla.

Best thing to do is have a look at a few see if any fit what your after and do the strains you want. You got to remember as well we are just people like you visiting here, some people will prefer one bank and others a different bank. We also dont know all the promos each are running best bet is to look at the sites and see what they are doing.
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