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Some bud i got from a friend


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been a while since i stopped by, i got some nice smoke from my buddy today and thought i would share, this is some of the most flavorful and potent weed around here.





any comments apreciated :439:
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I've got some blueberry I'm smoking right now. You'll like it...which you've probably already discovered. :smoke2:

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:51: Peace


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alright thanks, i wasnt sure how the picture thing worked, kinda suprized me...and yes i love the blue berry, it has such a nice fruity smell and flavor, pretty stoney too

the first one is the blueberry, very fruity, flavorful, smash some trichomes and your fingers smell like berries

second is blueberry and osbb

third and fourth are the osbb
very indica dominant dense buds, powerful soily smell and taste, smoothe and very sticky.
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