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Some buds I've been smoking.


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I've been smoking some of my friends bud that he grew and it has a slight chemical taste to it. I figure he didn't flush long enough. I was just wondering if it was not flushed long enough could it harm me to smoke it? Or should i stray away from this weed which is dank as hell?


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Re: Some buds I've been smoking...

I dont think so...I mean, dont take my word for it it..but its just basically nutrients and shit, right? if it's made for a plant, and we eat plants, then I'm sure its fine. But thats just my guess


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Re: Some buds I've been smoking...

There might be a way to get that chemical taste out of the
Maybe someone on here will know, or if worse comes to worse
you could google to find out some tips i am sure.

But i doubt it will harm you.
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